another day; another alleged marvin bienaime scandal

i love that the foxhole keeps me updated of all the good stuff.
even though i’m at work,
some of the foxhole still has their noses to the streets.
i love that shit.
keep doing it.
it was yet another alleged marvin bienaime scandal.
so a model wolf who goes by jr wallace aka @xdarkmusclesx:

…had some tales of his own about an alleged run in with marvin.
this is what he had to font

oh my.
ycolette was in there.
so was my entry on him.

i reached out to marvin and he ignored my foxy ass.
i did my part.

one of the foxholers went on a mission recently.
they asked many of marvin’s models if he was ever inappropriate with them.
they all said he wasn’t.
some said he was alleged weird af,
but he never tried anything with them.
take that how you choose.
so ima play devil’s advocate real quick with a question.
now with all the allegations brought up against marvin…

Do these wolves care tho?

i don’t think they do.
they care about:


i mean,
am i lying?
if you go to marvin’s page now,
he has new contestants for his nude coffee book on the way.
other wolves aren’t stopping from getting nude shoots either:

robby xl,
the singing straight wolf of fantasies & dreams,
has a shoot coming up:

i loved-ed-ed robby xl.
potential success speaks louder to some.
males will get naked if stardom is a click away.
marvin is popular and he does amazing things to the wolves he shoots.
i’m starting to think all this outrage does nothing but get folks interested.

lowkey: marvin could be a lot nicer to others.
i’m just saying…

ig stories cc: xdarkmusclesx

15 thoughts on “another day; another alleged marvin bienaime scandal

  1. Hey! I’ve decided to come back to the foxhole after years of searching for the truth. Anywho, I just happen to “know” J.R. Wallace from years back. He was with another gentleman name Aaron J. Copeland and they were models for a local underwear company in Louisiana called “downunder mens apparel.” Now from what I’m gathering about J.R. Wallace’s story he’s not pleased with the way Marvin does business, but I think the majority of us have caught on how Marvin does business with his “clients.” It’s safe to say that J.R. is right, but he knew what he was getting into. If I was photographing J.R., we would discuss what looks he would go for and what poses would work. We would work together on a concept. I’m just taking pictures of him while directing him with poses and being creative. Nude photography is a bit overrated to me, but that’s just me. By the way, I was employed at JcPenny Portrait Studio in 2018 during the winter holiday season and I miss taking pictures. I want to get back into that and slay.

  2. If only these “models” worked on their business acumen as much as they worked on their bodies. There’s no way I’d look like that and be broke… let alone ranting on social media over some shit that could’ve been prevented if only they had done their research.

  3. Lol, you post this stuff like it’s all alleged. Every guy has the same story.

    This guy is a creep! The only reason we care less is because it’s men that are his prey (not to mention Black men).

    Don’t let your tail sitting up blind you to the fact what this dude is doing is not cool. And best believe any guy featured by him, he has gigabytes of them nude.

  4. Man I bet Marvin has a laptop full of naked dick pics of everyone he has shot. Probably jerks off to em too. I can’t say my ratchet self wouldn’t want to see them even if it would be creepy as fuck. I don’t know what spell he has on these sexy ass wolves but dang it put it in a bottle so I can buy some. Look don’t hate the player. These dudes need to develop some brain cells. If all you have to offer the world is your looks someone is bound to take advantage. I don’t feel sorry for any of them. At least this dude got some sense.

  5. Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. Not to worry. Like R.Kelly his time is coming. Hes a fucking pervert. Karma is coming for his ass.

  6. kind of unrelated but I follow Robby on social media and the “dar” goes off. Often … so there’s that. 🤷🏾‍♂️😂

      1. He’s right about black people who work in the entertainment industry, a lot of them try to put up fronts but only when interacting with other black creatives and talent. Marvin produces a couple of cool shots here and there but his work is not that impressive. He gets those models a little extra/background work here and there and wanna get gassed up.

      2. Jamari listennnnn!! He can tag team the both of us. I love a thick nigga with a couple of muscles. Nothing too crazy but enough to manhandle me and look good while doing it.

        Dark muscles got a fatty but he definitely gives me messy gay vibes. A straight guy wouldn’t go through the hassle of all this. He would have said something very direct.

  7. whats the saying? ‘ppl aint making lies about you for no reason’

    we know it happens but being labeled as a predator is some serious ish. then you rude af? oh no baby

    i guess we can look forward to some tea spillage on marvin every 3 months lol

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