i saw him in the train station

i saw him this morning.
he was looking better than when we worked together.
his face was rounder and his bawdy was busting out his light jacket.
i’ve heard he’s a professional personal trainer now.
i remember when he was a homophobic jackal to me.
strangely enough,
i saw him this morning,
and i wanted him to fuck my entire brains out

we worked together at one of my past jobs.
he worked in the mailroom.
during my orientation,
he was the first to come up and introduced himself.
i remember thinking he was really attractive,
but i always assume “straight until proven otherwise”.
no issues in looking,

as we worked together in the begining,
he would always greet me.
i could ask him for help and he would.
for the life of me,
i can’t remember what happened,
but i know liar liar was involved.
this was during her smear campaign against me.
either way,
they were cool af and he suddenly turned very cold towards me.
the greetings stopped and the smiles turned to disgust.
he would walk into rooms and greet everyone but me.
by that time,
i never expected a handshake or a “sup”.
it was weird because i never hit on him or did anything inappropriate.

i was told that he would do that to random folks.
one minute he was cool and the next he was a real asshole.
anytime i would come around,
he would act so disgusted that i was in his presence.

fuck you too…”

it really turned me on.
he started to work out even more.
his bawdy became more and more delicious as the years went on.
even though i hated his fuckin guts for the way he was acting,
i would nut so hard at the thought of him bending me over my desk.
hate fuckin me like an animal on my computer.
you know homophobes give the best “life-altering” dick ever.
or fox tail.
some of them secretly want to get banged out too.
they’ll take your life once its over too.

i think he saw me and pretended he didn’t know me.
i returned the favor as i was late to the office.
one day,
when he stops being a disgusting asshole,
he might get the balls to tell me why he became an asshole.
i’d love to know what i did.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

17 thoughts on “i saw him in the train station”

  1. No you wouldn’t love to know what he did. You are too accessible. He knows he can treat you like this because of your eager body language whenever he sees you. You didn’t do anything. He’s a child. He wouldn’t be worth one night of sex. Trust me you will get over him, in time.

      1. Jamari I’m not a therapist but based off of what I’ve read from your blog you seem to be addicted to being mistreated. Due to the fact that you have experienced trauma in your past, you subconsciously think you don’t deserve happiness. I’ve met a lot of people who have been bullied in the past and they tend to treat people who respect them like shit, yet cater to those who don’t want anything to do with them. My recommendation would be to seek out a therapist but if you can’t afford one start reading some self help books. I think you really need to do some healing because if you don’t you may stay stagnant in life. Take it from someone who has been in your shoes before.

        1. ^this was very nice and actually great constructive criticism.
          if only more could be like you.
          you’re absolutely right and you made me cry reading it.
          not because i was insulted,
          but because it’s TRUTH.

          thank you for this.

  2. Moving FORWARD…not BACKWARDS J!!
    Don’t even give him your energy. He had you in his life, and didn’t appreciate it because he allowed someone else to put BS in his ear. All for some pussy. Definitely not worth the time or effort.

    1. Yup! I think that’s it, that dude is probably dealing with some heavy shit internally. I’ve had that happen to me before and later on I found out the guy came out of the closet. I say ignore that dude and like another fox said, don’t give him energy. Jamari you need to find you a gym and start working out, the gym is full of hotties!

  3. Jamari, Jamari, Jamari, how many times do we gotta tell you? Trainer = DL fuckboy

    It’s funny, the man you described sounds like Chadoy Leon’s closet dwelling behind. A homegirl of mine used to fuck with him and said he likes a little finger action in his booty then he squeals like a baby pig when he cums! LMAO! She had me dying when she told me that up in Spice Thai (don’t eat there BTW).

    1. Yup! Personal trainer is the go to profession for losers, narcissists and sociopaths. As tempting as they may look, they will bring you a lot of heartache and drama. The only thing they can offer you is their body.

      1. Looking at many on IG…they do look like they’ll bring you more drama than a soap opera. For me, if you not certified in some way…you won’t be my trainer.

    2. Lol dominican wolf treated me this way the last time I saw him on set. He was cool the first time we met on the set of Black Panther but his attitude was horrific the next. IDK what I even did. Dude just straight acted horrible with me for know reason and I just tried to carry on a convo like last time so I left him alone. Lesson learned. The crazy part dude starred me down the whole time on set. I acted like I didn’t even see him. It’s best to not give attention to ppl like that. Don’t worry about that dude. He’ll see how it feels one day. I secretly believe he was into but didn’t know what to do. Dealing with Straights and DL’s is another subject. Don’t worry it’ll be alright.

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