when the homophobia jumps out and a demon can’t be contained in los angeles

i always say nothing is more dangerous than the homophobic hyena or jackal.
even if they fuck the same sex,
once the “after nut high” wears off,
that’s when the demon might emerge.
many have suffered or died because of it.
a hyena out in la was randomly attacking and stabbing gay males.
a foxholer sent me this story via “la times“…

Prosecutors charged a Los Angeles man Thursday with carrying out at least three hate-crime attacks across the region targeting men who were gay or perceived to be gay, and detectives believe more people may have been harmed.

Deputy Dist. Atty. Richard Ceballos said Joshua Ebow is accused of punching two victims and stabbing two others during confrontations at a store and at restaurants in Culver City, Inglewood and West L.A.

Ebow, 30, was arrested Jan. 3 after detectives linked him to the stabbings. Since then, investigators have collected evidence for two other attacks at a Shakey’s Pizza restaurant and the Brentwood eatery Jon & Vinny’s. Three of the incidents have been formally charged as hate-crime enhancements, according to the complaint. Ceballos said evidence in the attacks points to the victims’ sexual orientation as a motive. He declined to provide more details.

Detectives suspect that others may have been targeted by Ebow, said Ceballos, who asked anyone with information to contact police in Los Angeles or Culver City.

he just randomly located out gays who were minding their business.
that’s crazy to me how he could just walk up to someone and attack them.
i’m shocked he didn’t get his whole shit rocked because of it.
i hope they throw him under the whole jail.
i pray his victims didn’t suffer serious injuries and the healing is swift.

i always urge the foxhole to be careful out here.
these jackals and hyenas will start shit with you just to destroy you.
even trying to turn out these “straight” males.
many of them end up carrying a ton of resentment.
i’m not fonting this is the case with this one,
but you never know what happened in his past.
you might have gotten what you needed but the ones after may end up suffering.
be cognizant of your actions and his.

article cc: la times

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

3 thoughts on “when the homophobia jumps out and a demon can’t be contained in los angeles”

  1. My brothers and Sisters of the LGBTQ community please be careful and stay protected. Whether Mace, a taser or a gun please protect yourself.

  2. I wonder if the victims were caucasian? Cause you know most brothers ain’t going, gay or not. IJS, some of my guys would have “beat the brakes” off his ass! Be careful out there foxhole, and stay strapped.

  3. They still make people like him? These weeds need to be exterminated. I know it might sound harsh, but they want you dead based on some ancient laws and you just want to live in your garden in peace. Therefore, all weeds must be uprooted lest they continue to grow and prevent you from flourishing next Spring.

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