if you see me in a body condom, you won’t have to wonder why

i’ll take that body condom in a size “m“.
it has arrived.
i was waiting for the news report,
but it came via “twitter” instead.
that is my favorite place to get news.
well you know all of us in new yawk are vex af because of this.
it was only a matter of time but…

The Coronavirus has hit the forests of New Yawk

i sent this to everyone i knew as soon as i saw it.
folks started cussing as soon as they saw it.

I don’t even want to go outside

i don’t even want anyone to come over my crib to dick me down either.
he cums and then leaves more than a happy ending.
i’m so good.
when i went out the other day,
i saw 3 asians and one black vixen in face masks.
that might be the norm.
i have a feeling prices of masks are about to go up.
2020 might be on that “population control” wave.

low-key: i saw this video today and cringed…

…and folks wonder why diseases are being traded like pokemon cards out there.
i only got to 2:48.

Author: jamari fox

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2 thoughts on “if you see me in a body condom, you won’t have to wonder why”

  1. Let me say this, don’t let that scare you. The virus is not new. China eats so many things and does so many things. Go to Walmart, Target or any store that sells Lysol Disinfectant spray. They have been protecting against the Coronavirus for years. Lysol your place down and use Clorox to wash your linens. This doesn’t kill the virus but it builds a barrier to help you fight it. Wash your hands with soap and water for 30 secs for everything. Even if you didn’t hold you dick while taking a piss, you still touched it, you touched the handle and even if its an automatic toilet, wash your damn hands; that’s nasty. Anybody you come in contact with, be cautious, when in doubt, clean it anyway. Don’t let the fear scare you.

  2. Asians will eat anything because thats usually all they can do in poorer countries. They do the same thing in some parts of Africa with those street markets, but as someone already stated, Lysol and disinfectants have been able to deal with Coronavirus, HIV, Herpes etc, however, I was under the impression this was a newer strain? Diseases get stronger each year, like STIs are developing resistance to antibiotics…blah blah.

    Especially when it comes down to people handling food.

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