So Chris Brown Is Going To Be A Father…

uhoh uhohpart2…allegedly.
so karpediem is good enough to breed,
but not good enough to slide a ring on her finger?
well he did say the other day he wants to put a cub in her.
in his words…

it will help “calm him down and keep him focused”.
( x see it here )
( *insert my eye roll here* )
it sounds very “what all the pineapple’s say”,
but if true,
congrats go out to chris brown!
i’ll stick around for 18 years of messiness,
news reports,
and blog updates!

lowkey: Idris-Elbawhy am i over here laughing at that girl?
i hope this is just for attention.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “So Chris Brown Is Going To Be A Father…”

  1. Well. I calmed down and became more responsible after I became a father. I fought it. But it’s sometimes what you need to get your act together. He doesn’t need to create havoc though. So if it happens, he needs to let it naturally happen. Don’t be like the Dream who’s chasing love and making babies. Well at least all of kid’s mom’s aren’t baby mommas. They all got a ring at some point.

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