Chris Brown Has Something To Say About Karrueche and Victor Cruz

chris brown is an interesting wolf.
now i gotta admit,
after this song:

…i’ve been worn down in listening to his “40 track/two week” album.
i like the bubbly and charismatic chris brown.
that demon he likes to play is a complete turn off.
so ever since karrueche started dating ex baller wolf,
victor cruz,
i’ve been wondering how chris was taking it.
i thought he couldn’t share his opinion due to being banished from her life.
well i thought wrong!
when “the shade room” posted a picture of the couple on a pap stroll,
chris made his way into their comment section.
this is what he had to font…
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Victor Cruz Has A New Love

when i was watching “ballers” on hbo a couple weeks ago,
which stars dwayne “the rock” johnson,
it was cool to see victor cruz make his acting debut.
he did a pretty good job playing “himself”.
he can try his paws at acting after being let go from playing football.
he has always kept his love life pretty quiet.
when his baby mama/long term engagement holder,
blasted him for his side hoes,
he still kept lowkey about it.
victor debuted his new vixen over the weekend and well…

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Karrueche Tran Gets A 5 Year Vacation

karrueche tran has come a long way since dating chris brown.
she won a daytime emmy,
has been in a few movies,
and is on a new show on tnt called “claws” with niecy nash.
she successfully moved on from that toxic relationship.
as you know,
she filed a restraining order against chris.
she ended up winning her case today.
this is what tmz had to say…
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Karrueche Tran Got That Fire

chris captioned this photo with:

well it doesn’t seem to take much,
breezy poo.
so i didn’t know she had it in her.
karrueche tran isn’t going to be a victim any longer.
i don’t know if her manager was in her ear,
or she watched “enough” too many times,
but she is ready to take chris brown to court for his alleged threats.
this is what tmz had to say…
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Tweets With Replies About Chris Brown (With Chris Brown)

i guess the tptb aren’t there to rescue chris brown anymore.
they would have had folks bound and gagged for this spill.
everyone is talking about chris and his abusive ways to karrueche tran.
an artist by the name of kay cola allegedly had some things to get off her fingers.
this is what she said via twitter
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Chris Brown and The Restraining Order We Saw Coming

it’s crazy,
but i was just thinking about chris brown yesterday.
i was thinking about almost everyone took his side during “the incident”.

“she deserved it.”
“she put her hands on him.”
“the truth will come out soon.”

well the truth did come out.
chris showed us who he was in every incident that followed.
i love how all those capers,
and award shows that went against rihanna for him are quiet af.
well karreuche tran,
who publicly dated chris for many years,
has filed a retraining order against him.
check out what tmz had to say…
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