Tweets With Replies About Chris Brown (With Chris Brown)

i guess the tptb aren’t there to rescue chris brown anymore.
they would have had folks bound and gagged for this spill.
everyone is talking about chris and his abusive ways to karrueche tran.
an artist by the name of kay cola allegedly had some things to get off her fingers.
this is what she said via twitter

this is all alleged,
but damn!
it seems like she is telling the truth.
if this is a lie,
her credibility will be shot to hell.
i guess enough was enough for her.
as usual,
chris made sure to respond the best way he knows how via the shade room:

i think it’s best for chris not to clapback about this.
if the alleged isn’t true then he needs to talk to his lawyers.
anything else will be used against him,
but has it ever stopped him before?
it may get real messy.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “Tweets With Replies About Chris Brown (With Chris Brown)”

    1. Well he can sing dance he’s good looking nice body big d nice ass he really has the total package he needs better staff around him and if puts down the alcohol drugs put all trust in the lord he will shine like the sun he is amen

      1. @Ricardo…I would have to disagree on a few of those points. His singing has gone downhill. His dancing is still on point…the boy can dance his ass off. Body looks like a crackhead, and his facial features are scarily skeletal. Dick…it’s a nice size, although some people call it a pencil. Kinda like Borrell’s. LOL

        He used to be the total package pre-Rihanna…but he fucked that up, and he hasn’t picked himself up yet. He keeps dragging himself into foolishness. He’s surrounded by “yes men” so he will never accept responsibility for his actions. Once those people can no longer get anything from him, they will turn on him. He will see. He has to learn the hard way.

        As for Karreuche..he honestly should be thanking that chick. She stood by him when everyone else turned their back on him when he was in jail (his words), but like every idiot, he goes right back to the people that did nada for him.

        His ass deserves whatever happens because how many times do you have to get bent over to see you’re getting fucked over?

      2. Nah bro, there is NO package, and if there was, there would be nothing in it. Not even that good looking either IMO. He’s just a creep.

  1. Hey fellows this is showbiz build them up then knock them down I mean after you reach the top there is no we’re to go but back down look at Justin Beiber and there are many more child stars rarely shine forever I hope Chris break through his storm

    1. I don´t consider CB nor JB to have even reached anywhere NEAR said “top” unless we’re talking top of the mediocre, best of the worst type of thing. They’re both still mediocre artists at best… To be mediocre AND foolish? I don’t see how there’s anything to look at.

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