Jack’d Jacks Up Ya’ll Privacy

that’s right.
jack’d allegedly had a glitch today and everyone’s privates were public.

nudes and mo’ nudes
dl wolves/hybrids/foxes who were in hiding

everything was all out there today.
that means it was screen shot heaven for some lucky jackals and hyenas.
an f-bi sent me the tweets from their official twitter…

that ain’t good at all.
at all.
here are a few tweets from forests far and wide about the issue:


Did Jack’d out half of ya’ll today?


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

19 thoughts on “Jack’d Jacks Up Ya’ll Privacy

  1. Oooo you lying! I wish I had an account just to see who is who. For investigative purposes only, of course. You’d probably find gym rats fully bent over in their private pics or busted bugaboos packing the biggest meat. I wonder if SB had some leakage…

  2. Jamari i believe in you. Don’t let us down on this. I’m waiting for you to post the good stuff. I mean the way i see it, it’s really bad people are being outed like that, but since it’s already out it would be a waste to not look at it.

    1. I never had a jack’d, but the gag is, i was kikiying on A4A and it was a let down. Now, everyone and they’re daddy and them are dming me and inboxing me on Facebook like we go together. The bigger gag is, i photoshopped my face to look youthful so I can expose how shallow these men are! SMH

  3. J” it’s like they say what’s done in the dark eventually comes to the light can I get a amen now I’m ready to see the light

  4. Chile, I’m all here for the wolves, foxes and hybrids getting their naughty bits leaked. Where is Miss SlapmyFatty? Did she get sent back to tumblr hell? We need to conjure up her messy ass so I can see my favorite wolves in the buff!

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