all we want is to meet someone we are attracted to on jack’d

2 minutes on grindr.
we all go on those sites hoping to meet “our fantasy“.
out of all my days on those sites,
i only met 2 or 3 wolves who i was attracted to.
one was so fine and ended up being the best sex i ever had.
that’s a whole nother story.
other than that,
i never met any wolves like the ones in that picture.


when i saw that tweet,
i posted it to my ig stories to overwhelming response.
it led me to wonder

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the hobosexual with the 10 inch penis

they say you should never go grocery shopping when you’re hungry.
i never listen to that and buy shit out of my budget.
when it comes to shopping for dick,
you should never get on sex sites when you’re lonely and desperate.
this is when you’re more than likely to pick up hobosexuals.

HOBOSEXUAL: someone who couch surfs and pretends that they love you; let you suck and fuck you occasionally

a foxholer sent me the following “jack’d” profile…
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No Fats, No Fems, No Blacks, No Grindr? (Yes Jack’d?)


that always leads to a lengthy discussion.
the foxhole is known for those kind of debates.
well there is a new beef causing a debate in the forests.
jack’d vs grindr
not about which app is the most oversexed.

one app accuses the other of promoting racism.
this is what a vix-bi sent me that towleroad had to report…
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Jack’d Jacks Up Ya’ll Privacy

that’s right.
jack’d allegedly had a glitch today and everyone’s privates were public.

nudes and mo’ nudes
dl wolves/hybrids/foxes who were in hiding

everything was all out there today.
that means it was screen shot heaven for some lucky jackals and hyenas.
an f-bi sent me the tweets from their official twitter…
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So The Killer Jackal Really Liked The Male Species Too?

screen-shot-2016-06-12-at-9-36-59-amthat looks like a nice profile picture for grindr.

nice smile
light skinneded

all he needed was leaked nudes and we have a win!
on a serious note,
this story about omar mateen is getting weird.
it seems the killer jackal allegedly was kinda in the life.
he may have been one of us.
or fox?

well this is what gawker had to say…
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