all we want is to meet someone we are attracted to on jack’d

2 minutes on grindr.
we all go on those sites hoping to meet “our fantasy“.
out of all my days on those sites,
i only met 2 or 3 wolves who i was attracted to.
one was so fine and ended up being the best sex i ever had.
that’s a whole nother story.
other than that,
i never met any wolves like the ones in that picture.


when i saw that tweet,
i posted it to my ig stories to overwhelming response.
it led me to wonder

Can you really meet “your fantasy” on these sex apps?

the last couple wolves i met off jack’d were a disaster.

bangles – he said he was a “thug”,
but came with a whole flowing pony tail and bangles all up and down his arms.

sars – he came from another state.
he had boils all over his neck,
and chest.

both cancelled from having any access to my bawdy.
i use to go on those sites and meet private accounts,
and they would reveal good looking bawdies with no faces underneath,
but i never got to meet for whatever reason.
some of those private accounts had super high standards apparently.

that is always what turned me off from those sites.

I want to be sexually attracted by who is getting into these guts

weird enough,
when star fox was living in atlanta,
he would meet the finest wolves all the time.

handsome face
fit bawdies
good sex

some foxes have all the luck.
it seems all the sexy ones are on “tinder” and “ig“,
but you gotta hope they slide in your dms.
it’s better than meeting these curious and confused wolves in real life,
them driving you to drink with the “signs”,
and making you feel empty each time they cum in and out of your life…


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “all we want is to meet someone we are attracted to on jack’d”

  1. So lol …going back to my point on another post, men that look like that want other men that look similar to them, so if you don’t fit the bill your chances are already slim …I mean I think there might be a select few that would bypass the looks department but I’m sure that’s a one in a million type scenario.

    1. or just embrace your inner Queen. There are a lot of guys that look like that who will fuck the shit out of a halfway decent cross dresser. I know from experience. If I wanted a man like that now, I’d buy a wig and a dress and shave my face . It wouldn’t take too long .

  2. I’ve always assumed that the hottest guys probably avoid those apps due to the shear amount of fuckery. They are probably better off getting dick through instagram, Facebook and the gym. The apps though. Catfishing, game playing, time wasting, pic collecting, closet cases that don’t know what they want. Why go through that when you are the kind of dude who turns heads at the gym.

    Do you workout. It seems just having a hawt bawdy gets you everything you want from gay society . let’s be honest we’ll call an average face pretty if the tits are nice .

  3. finding that Mr. Right takes time on Grindr and you know he’s the one when you guys click and are on the same page to the point you exchange # and text every so often. I cancel jackd, which is catfish central.

  4. I’m on Jack’d in Dallas…. I’ve had some days and I’ve had some bad days, and I’m still complaining. “It’s hard out here for a pimp”. A lot of the fine guy are DL and will only get on the app to fuck. They only want a fit masc. dude (You got to have abs and be a bottom) and a dude that they don’t know, to keep their cover. I delete the app, but I alway return in hopes of meeting a low key guy at a straight event. I have my face covered thinking that’s what will attract them, but naw.

  5. I’m still trying to figure this dating thing out myself. In DC, it was easy to meet the kind of guys I liked since there was a clear archetype that I tend to fit into. In Atlanta, not so much. I’m not a fit gay yet and my social media pages are private. I still feel like gay bars and lounges are the way to go. Or maybe I should get with the times and do better lol

  6. For the most part, handsome sexy guys want someone who is on their “level”. There are of course exceptions … but that’s like 5 percent.

    I went to a party sex party once in Brooklynites, and the organizer, who was sexy af btw, told me a harsh truth: muscle guys want muscle guys.

    So, I got me some muscles … and guess what … he was right. I got them muscle dudes in person on the street and on the apps.

    Men are visual creatures. Also, u can’t expect something from someone u aren’t willing or can’t provide. U want a fine wolf with “bawdy”, go to the gym. U want a man with a lot of money, get a career. U want a nice man with a good heart … “Purify yourself in Lake Minnetonka”.

  7. I think the most important thing is investing in YOURSELF!!!! Why is that twitter user only wanting to be cute “enough” to attract some guy!? Baby you should want to be for Your damn self! So you can navigate this world with your head up! We are MORE then a meat sack for some nigga to fuck on!…Do think that fit guy in that pick is worried about being “cute enough” to get someone? Probably not! Ole boy probably just does him, looks like he runs track which keeps him fit, gets a fresh cut, and that’s it! We gotta stop living for who we can attract and Just start enjoying our lives! You are a man just like the next nigga, Don’t ever put someone a pedestal!

  8. Ironically, I follow this dude in the pic on Instagram : As a muscle dude myself I can say I Crush hard on this dude, one of the best looking dudes I have ever seen. He is a Los Angeles based personal trainer, I am sure his social media DM’s are lit. Speaking as someone who was out of shape and overweight a decade ago, but who has since been in the gym constantly and consistently and has had a total body transformation, I can say without a doubt that Gay men are the most shallow creatures on earth me included. Now that I have the big muscles, I dont have to go on Apps to meet dudes, my regular social media accounts are always full. As someone who has to go to work and then has a stressful job and I manage to still go to the gym 4-5 times a week, I too want an in-shape dude who goes to the gym regularly. Being nice and a good person in a out of shape body aint gone cut it for most gay dudes and that is just the truth. I rarely see dudes who are not in shape and unattractive together or chasing each other so I am not sure why it is shocking that two muscle bound dudes are attracted to each other. When I was overweight, I did not want someone overweight, but I also did not throw myself on muscular dudes, I took heed and decided that I wanted a better body and to lose weight. In these streets you have to know your lane. Body and Face are always gonna come before personality and other traits with most Gay men. So true what someone already stated in this thread, be the person you want to attract. A new body will give you confidence you never knew you had.

    1. @Tajan…”Being nice and a good person in a out of shape body aint gone cut it for most gay dudes and that is just the truth.”

      Ding ding ding ding! Thats it…right there! Its crazy because I fit in that boat. I think Im attractive in the face with a nice personality. Im a skinny dude, but Im not cut like these wolf’s out here nowadays. Im not over weight, but I do have a lil beer gut, lol. And like you Tajan, Im not looking for someone with hella abs & muscles, but I would like someone similar to me, or atleast attractive in the face with an average body. But it seems like average dudes dont even want other average dudes, lmao.

    2. “Being nice and a good person in a out of shape body aint gone cut it for most gay dudes and that is just the truth”

      Facts. No one cares unless you have the right amalgamation of body parts. No ifs, ands, or buts (butts not included though!) about it!

      Get it through your heads. NO.ONE.CARES!

      and that’s just the cold reality. If he had to work so hard to have the body he wanted and to BE the attractive person, why do you think he would want someone who didn’t put in the same work as he did but expects him to keep it cute for you?

      In the gay world, if you want it, you have to either BE it or HAVE it. End of. Personality and accomplishments be damned.

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