i’ve made it! (foxhole do you hear me?!?)

they say you have officially made it when:

1 – a celeb gives you a shout out
2 – someone swag snatches you on a sex site

well foxhole…

so a foxholer hit me up and asked me if i was in dc last week.
they told me they saw me on jack’d of all places.
so they took a screen shot and sent this to my desk for review.

1 – i haven’t left new yawk in a minute.
ya’ll would know if i did.

2 – i haven’t been on jack’d in a minute.
no would know if i was.

3 – i don’t do… androids.

4 – i don’t do… #hybridlife (see foxtionary)

5 – i haven’t been 25 in a minute.

the height and weight is on par tho.
either way,
i wasn’t upset tho.
whoever it is in the picture bawdy looks good.
the arms >>>>
he’s filling out in the tail department too.
i’m flattered.
no need to be insulted.
they said “i’m awesome” in their description.
it’s the little things that make me happy.

lowkey: does this mean i’m an attentionisto now?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “i’ve made it! (foxhole do you hear me?!?)”

  1. I find it really weird that ppl do this but I guess some good did come out of this! Now we know you’re black! >:) TBH somebody just taking advantage of your anonymity and trying to profit off your name and fame (or infamy if you want). You should hit them up and tell them to get it right! It’s Mr. Fox if ya nasty.

  2. Yeah im a fan oh u why cant have one of ur pictures maybe not face but the body to know how u look please
    Just a little tease of what ur body look are u tall.muscular?
    Im french so sorry for my english

  3. You can tell who is new around here… Jamari’s old pic is a body pic. Just google…….. Oh and how the hell could y’all not know he’s black???

  4. Yeah you i would feel the same way if someone did that on IG. Sidebar people did not know Jamari was black? Oh so you all must be new, new πŸ˜‚

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