the ig stories of a mad black todrick hall

todrick hall is checking the box “single” today.
so he was ^dating that snow wolf above,
but he had a lot to say on his ig stories.
you know that’s the place to air out all your dirty laundry.
well this is what he posted

i don’t know much about todrick,
but that’s pretty fucked up.
this is more to this scandal with the alleged boyfriend via twitter:

i know everyone is saying:

“Well that’s what he gets playing in the snow.”

…but this could happen to anyone.
95% of “everyone” are trash.
it’s even worst when you’re in the public eye.
todrick should have just been fuckin him.
hard; no chaser.
aaaaah well…

ya live and ya learn.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

23 thoughts on “the ig stories of a mad black todrick hall”

  1. ALL famous black gay men purposely choose white partners. They have the same mentality as black straight men; once famous, my own race aint good enough for me. Todrick is from the hoods of Dallas but never dates anyone who isnt pale and pasty.

    1. He spoke about it himself. He dates black guys as well as white. He has no preference. He made a whole damn video. hell, His first sexual was with a black guy not that it matters in the slightest. Why be throwing rumors around like they fact, dawg. you’re spinning a non-existent narrative.

  2. I kind of figured when he posted & deleted that 4th of July nude on IG.

    I’m low-key not surprised that the bf did this.

      1. He talked about opening up the thirst trap. I figure maybe he wanted to make him jealous or himself feel some deeper validation. I think it was on Wendy but he talked about how it was kinda difficult to find people. like a legit relationship.

        All that glitters… he’s talented tho. but the documentary of him turned me off. He just seems really controlling and domineering.

        But that was just a video of him. i can’t fully judge his personality off of that, and he invests a lot of money and time in his stuff, so i can see why he’s like that.

        But that scene where Chester’s called his mom to have her pay for the performers luggage to be flown, n she talked about how this can’t keep happening, it really reminded me of how some people take advantage of you for their own ends. Worse that he didn’t even talk to or acknowledge the woman. He just expected Chester to beg his mom for money for Todrick’s show. That just seemed dirty to me, and really really stands out.

  3. Chile……if I’m going to get played in the public eye, it’s at least going to be with someone cute, so I don’t regret the sex. Not Merida from Brave.

    And yes, everyone is trash.

  4. No shade but when your only qualification for dating is for them to be white, you’ve cut down your possibilities on finding real love in half. Maybe if Toderick wasn’t so disgusted by black men or anything darker than brown paper bag, he could’ve found someone who gave him the loyalty he deserves. Instead he found himself being used by a Elmer’s glue stick. Poor thing.

    1. No shade, but Todrick actually spoke really extensively on the subject. He’s into black guys as well. Don’t check the rumors, check what he says. He has a whole drawn out video on the subject. He likes black guys, he dates black guys. Dating 2 white guys doesn’t negate that.

  5. Jesse ain’t no different. He used Toderick like he used Terrell Carter when they dated. Whenever Jesse Is near Seattle he’s hooking up with a few of the previous black dudes that use to run through him.

    It’s interesting he and Toderick got together considering Jesse is into masculine or DL guys, but that’s before he was out and proud and trying to make it in Hollywood. Now it seems he’s willing to do anything for the come up.

    Jesse used to send cum drenched post masturbation photos when was trolling Craigslist back in the day. Guess IG is the new hoe stroll.

  6. Ain’t Jesse the one that was with Terrell Carter’s lame azz? That white boy will do anything for the black d ick. He’s one of those insatiable bottoms.

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