kanye goes to the white house (and i’m really concerned)

…and it’s not because he went to the white house tho.
 kim made her way into the oval office to fight prison reform.
i bet he creamed his pants when he realized he’d get an invite there soon.
kanye has me concerned with another issue.

…why is the password to his phone “000000”?

this is how i know he’s a doofus.
maybe it’s that easy because his cubs play on his phone?
then again,
why wouldn’t they have their own phones/ipads?
i’m really concerned at this.
not for nothing tho,
this is how most vixens crack passwords to get into phones.
males legit be confused like:

no muthafucka.
ya password was on shaky avenue.

x password generator

stay woke.

Author: jamari fox

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4 thoughts on “kanye goes to the white house (and i’m really concerned)”

  1. Well you know as a community we have to take the heat for some dumb ass and his antics. It’s the old saying, one black acts a fool and the perception is that we all act that way. Doesn’t matter the level of education or how articulate you might be. All those watching F*ck News are going to eat this one up with a side of Sweet Tea.

    This Sh*t right here…. Somebody needs to grab this boy and sit his delusional ass down with every seat imaginable… Truly a “come get your cousin” moment.

  2. He’s a Rass a claat, jumbo Claat fool.. whoever said that he’s a genius..no sah..He’s a idiot allowing himself to be used that that con.

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