odell beckham jr and saquon barkley get caught in an embrace (of sorts)

some males fan the flames of their rumors,
especially when it’s alleged gay rumors.
nfl baller wolf,
odell beckham jr,
is no stranger to his alleged gay rumors.
he truly has no fucks to give about them.
i saw this clip with him and rookie,
saquon barkley,
in a recent game

…and i’m filled with lust and sweat.
in a perfect forest,
i’d be in the middle of that baller sandwich.
even though i’ve given that look to a wolf who i wanted his meat in me,
i’ve come to learned the straights do suspect shit as well.
i’m sure that whole scene was purely innocent,
as they were in the middle of a heated game,
but damn…

add another one to the “obj is allegedly gay” rumor file.
i’m sure he won’t have any fucks to give about that either.
i think he loves when we start talking.

lowkey: odell’s skin is miraculous.
can he send his regiment my way?
thanks tons.

*video clip cc to owner

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “odell beckham jr and saquon barkley get caught in an embrace (of sorts)”

  1. Well, I’ll say this. Black men need to be more affectionate with each other. Show your brother love and all that. We live in as very anti-love negative support system. The other day, I saw a video where a man told his son, men don’t cry asbout their problems they deal with them and so many balcks were agreeing with it. Stuff like that bothers me and why a lot of black men hold in so much hurt.

    I thought the embrace was cute in a brotherly way.

    Now on to the other end..he is from my state and University. There a more than a few men this way that mess with other dudes AND they still have girlfriend and wives. Not saying Odell is one of them but I mean in this day and age, dudes will stick their meat in a hot vacuum cleaner for a nut.

    My sister is a lesbian and she has a few bros (dudes that dress up as chicks) and she has confirmed this and Ive talked to her and when we were in college she said that her trans friend can point out eveery dude that hit her up and had girlfriends and wives…and said that sh*t don’t matter. Them ni**as don’t care.

    They will post on FB as out how their girl is their Queen and be getting pumped in booty at 12:30 PM cause they need to go to the gym.

    I was shocked to be honest. Why would she/he like anout something like that. Gotta keep your eye on these chameleons (as I call them.)

    1. ^if they would only stay single and do their thing,
      the forest would be a better place.
      once you bring vixens and then start having cubs whole living a double life…


      1. It’s never a good thing ..They create the Detectives. I keep my sexual business to myself. In fact, I could care less what one has to assume my sexuality is because if I ain’t checking for you, you need not worry bout who I’m into, period.

        The DLs give birth to the Private Dik Vixens (as in undercover) I.e.

        I once had a girl that used to like me in college. She flirted with me all the time and I just kinda didnt mind her. Though her putting her titties in my face was a bit much.. She’d better be lucky I wasnt that TYPE of person
        She was setting herself up to get f**ked.

        Well one day, She had the balls to say, Her gay friend be showing her all the dudes on Jackd that is on DL and she gave me this look like, she was probing or something. I was close to telling her something but I had to think about it for a moment. I never said I wanted or liked her. So I just let her talk…

        So yeah, Jamari, DL guys need to get it together and I mean the “closet cases”. Like if you wanna keep your business on the hush, cool. I’m down for it…but when you involve females and have kids and still creeping..I’mma give you the side eye quick. I ain’t gonna say nothing but don’t come at me with that.

        DL dudes at my college knew not to come at me cause I’ll curve them real quick and tell you to back the hell up out my space if I knew they had a female. I do t reduce my quality to side orders. I prefer to be the main dish.

        The worse ones are the type that hit on you and act like they are doing you a favor for hitting you up. Like huh?!?! Negro, I don’t want you..oof!

        Odell is a handsome one though. He a freak. Most of our balb players are, and they are some stocky son of a guns too.

  2. Baby I was watching the game last night when it happened! I perked up when I saw the chemistry between the two of them!😍 That Saquon Barkley is something to look at with them thick thighs of his! I can say Odell has good taste! Lmao 😜😜

  3. Nope nothing sexual about this at all. He was a man mad as fuck and was in a zone. Sometimes when you are in that pissed off zone someone has to look you in the eye and get in your ear to snap you out of it before you beat a motherfuckers ass.

  4. Odell seems so passionate I love it. He seems like a cool guy to go on a date with but also a great fuck.

  5. I don’t know what it is but there is something about his spirit that makes me just want to be in his presence. A Man I could Love!

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