it’s bad when other rappers are dragging kanye too

that is a recent picture of kanye realizing he’s getting dragged bald.
that visit to the white house did him absolutely no favors.
i saw a few clips and i’m still disgusted by the whole scenario.
it was very “tap dancing in full hd and stereo” to me.
it’s so bad,
some of the rapper wolves got in on the dragging too.
my favorite was from diddy

here are a few others:

and the whole line up from “opus magnum”:

i can only imagine what jay and b were saying at the kitchen table:

i don’t know what the kkk got planned for their exit,
but i’m sure “the mother” is in the war room as we font.
kanye is become a liability to every brand.
he’s gonna regret this soon enough.

lowkey: i wonder what the ones who showed up to his release party are saying?
the ones who flew to colorado to lollygag with the cows on that farm.
i bet.
they were so busy dick ridin’ that they now looking stupid.

Author: jamari fox

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9 thoughts on “it’s bad when other rappers are dragging kanye too”

  1. When two self serving narcissistic mother fuckers meet this is what you get. Not a discussion. Rather what you have are the two fawning and salivating in each other’s arms , terms of endearment flows only 2 ways, back and forth , filling their insatiable egos to the brim, their cups never runneth over.

    Jackass said this World is not level. He is right. You can see it right there. Orange Orangatan is still fucking up people’s lives and it’s legal. And so called rapper Yizzy will still fool his comatose followers that his music and clothing are Lit as fuck and they will make his ass richer. There is no honest broker only unconscious fools that keep drinking the Kool aide.

    When a Negro gets a stage as Lit as the WH and all he does is SHIT in it, says a lot as to why Negros are treated the way they are treated in this country. So thank you Kanye for taking the movement down the shit hole the man sitting across from you likes to remind his followers where Black people are from..SHIT HOLE COUNTRIES.

    A sad fucking day for the White House.
    An even sadder day for respect for Black people.

    1. Well remember, Trump said at one of his rallies that when Kanye “embraced” him, his “African American followers doubled.”
      Go figure.

  2. The same T.I. who released a song with Kanye in April so he could capitalize on the drama. We knew Kanye was a Trump and MAGA supporter for over a year but now he wants to show outrage?


  3. It’s something to watch a man that is on the brink of insanity talk. It’s more to watch the crowd fuel the fire.

    Also what is the guy talking about the tears of our ancestors? Chile, black folks are shooting each other up every other day. The ancestors been crying. I doubt the fooly of one black man constitutes the mark of an entire race.

    Anywho, I can’t go to deep into this situation since I don’t know what it’s really about but I’m assuming lighting Kayne strikes again.

  4. *cut to me watching people finaly jump off the Kanye band wagon after I’ve been off it since 2016*

  5. Kanye is an embarrassment but Michael Rapaport needs to stay out of black folks business. He’s always coming for black talent and I think he’s a covert racist.

    1. ^yeah,
      iā€™m starting to think so.

      the way how he was dragging kenya moore was enough for me to dismiss him from my presence.
      that whole scene was disgusting and andy was low key cheering it on.

      1. Andy is the stereotypical trouble-making gay male. He likes the drama…it’s how he makes his money.

        People will still buy his ugly ass sneakers, so he’s not worried. But he REALLY made himself look stupid with that “I put on your hat and I feel like Superman” talk. Like WTF?!

        Kanye is canceled in my book. D-O-N-E. Deleting his music from my library like I did R Kelly’s.

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