we got rappers joining onlyfans now (the end is near?)

ya know,
i liked it when onlyfans wasn’t mainstream.
when it was something the attentionistos/nistas did,
but it wasn’t over-exposed.
the rona is making it overkill.
rapping wolf,
is trying to get his onlyfans bag while we are on lockdown.
this is the reason for why he started one via “ig”…

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it’s bad when other rappers are dragging kanye too

that is a recent picture of kanye realizing he’s getting dragged bald.
that visit to the white house did him absolutely no favors.
i saw a few clips and i’m still disgusted by the whole scenario.
it was very “tap dancing in full hd and stereo” to me.
it’s so bad,
some of the rapper wolves got in on the dragging too.
my favorite was from diddy
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f0xmail: The State of All These Vixen Rappers In The Forests


Hey Jamari,

I love your blog, it keeps me going especially while I was in school. The stories of work and relationship keeps me alert and steadfast. Also, inspirational lessons we can all learn from is beneficial. I would like your opinion about the Nicki Minaj’s Paper magazine cover. I know Eve said something about on the talk


(SN: I think she going to be a wonderful host on the Talk). Remy & Kim had put out a video which is pretty dope. Cardi B is doing her think. I think there’s so much going on in the female rap game (good & bad) that it’s sorta refreshing. I believe that there’s so much talent in Hip-Hop among females that’s impossible to expose them all. For example: there’s KashDoll, Young MA, Snow tha Product, Rapsody, Tokyo Jetz, Lk-47, Dreezy, Kamaiyah., and also girls like Azeaila, Iggy, and Dej Loaf…there should be room. However, I just don’t believe that myth “One Sole Female MC”. I do believe in marketing, promotion, and having a strong, functioning team behind you. I mean these record labels aren’t putting money behind these females, until now. Think about it, Remy was so heavy about being “independent” yet she took a $10 million dollar deal with Colombia. That says something, because you need a record label to reach another level of success. These labels are now just now having a “light-bulb” going off about female rappers. You have Nicki, who is arguably the most successful female rapper…she’s a brand. She made the right, calculated moves to get to that point. Yet, all these other rappers and you can’t do the same (it’s the labels). For example, Iggy who had the #1 and #2 record at the time and yet she went under (other forces had something to do with that) plus T.I. left her high and dry.

I’m so sorry for the long tangent, but I would love your opinion. Keep doing your thing and stay bless and true.

Best Wishes


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Lord Jamar Says Mister Cee and The Gay Rappers Have No Place in Hip Hop

LORDJAMARthe lord has spoken?
lord jamar
from the 90s hiphop group,
brand nubian,
does not like gay people.
i don’t care what he tells me.
he spoke out about ( x kanye being “the homo of hiphop” ) already.
vlad tv interviewed him and ask about mister cee’s recent issue and well…

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Phil Jackson Has Something To Say To Kendrick Lamar

jack_perkins_phil_jacksonwell someone tweeted retired baller wolf coach of the la lakers,
phil jackson,
about this line in kendrick lamar’s lyrical massacre on “control”:

“If Phil Jackson came back,
still no coachin’ me.
I’m uncoachable,
I’m unsociable.”

well look at what phil had to say
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Kendrick Lamar Scalped Every Rapper In The Game

tumblr_mrhbavrzfd1rt9g1vo1_500kendrick lamar.
kendrick lamar.
kendrick lamar.
he just stepped foot in the game and already swinging.
i couldn’t start this entry without writing about this track.
this reminds me of when nicki minaj murdered “monster”.
everyone “control” which is actually a big sean unreleased track from his new album…

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