Lord Jamar Says Mister Cee and The Gay Rappers Have No Place in Hip Hop

LORDJAMARthe lord has spoken?
lord jamar
from the 90s hiphop group,
brand nubian,
does not like gay people.
i don’t care what he tells me.
he spoke out about ( x kanye being “the homo of hiphop” ) already.
vlad tv interviewed him and ask about mister cee’s recent issue and well…

Famed rapper Lord Jamar of Brand Nubian fame listens to audio that allegedly features NY radio host Mister Cee soliciting a transvestite and gives his honest reaction and thoughts on the situation. He also explains how he thinks hip hop will react to the allegations this time around, and if he believes Mister Cee’s legacy will be tarnished.

You+Cant+Handle+The+Truthso… we have a problem?
we have a mental disease?
okay lord jamar sounding like that “drunk uncle” right now.
is that a us polo association shirt?
why is his style mad early 2000s tho?
i don’t even know what to stay about this.
personally his views sound dated as usual.
these record execs find joy banging out these “hardcore” rappers just to make bitches out of them.
“oh you want to be hard?
well take this hard dick if you want this record deal.”
i also find it funny that there are so many rappers,
90s and now,
who are in the closet that it blows my mind.
talk to anyone who use to go to the gay clubs,
or how crazy bold 90s rappers got down back in the day before social media.

they got stories.

tumblr_m68kb49DlG1qkod8lo1_500this is expected tho.
lets not act like it won’t be and there is probably more to come.
its always that one muthafuck who got something to say with all the skeletons.
what’s in your mausoleum lord j?

oh and btw
the same gays are the only ones BUYING records.
maybe you should be a little bit more nicer to us.
“the whites” and “the gays” are paying your bills.

lowkey: the comments on youtube and vlad.
just wow.
no wonder why the closets stay barricaded.


story source: vlad tv / youtube

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “Lord Jamar Says Mister Cee and The Gay Rappers Have No Place in Hip Hop”

  1. I used to crush on this dude when he was on that HBO show called Oz.I got to see his dick and balls.The freeze frames of the episodes are somewhere.

    Reading what you had to say reminded me of a rapper named Trick Trick that made comments saying he didn’t want gays buying his music.One, dude is not that damn known that gays would even buy his shit and two, he should be happy he’s even selling, who gives a shit who buys your music.A fan is a fan.

    I think gay rappers do have a place in Hip-Hop but I think they’d have to pull a Frank Ocean and come out after everyone has become fans.If Frank Ocean had come out before he released his music, I doubt people would’ve given him a chance since he was singing about women as if he was straight.Nicki Minaj pretended she was gay/bisexual.

    As for Lord Jamar, he probably knows a few gay rappers, he just doesn’t know they’re gay.I guess they know now to keep it that way.

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