we'rebookedbaybayi finally watched both r&b: divas la reunion parts.
its been a tough two weeks.
i don’t wanna hear it nah about my lateness!
well these were my quick thoughts about the show…

wendy williams – i miss radio wendy.
i miss the bird squawking and other sound effetcs.
she is the one new york grew to love.
the one who had everyone scared to be on her show.
the one who was fresh out of fucks and being messy as hell.
she needs to host every reunion for every reality show.
mona i’m talking to you.

claudette – i was actually really bored with her watching the show.
i mean she didn’t say anything.
wendy tried to get at her,
and although she handled it well,
that was pretty much it.
if she wants to be a star,
she needs to bring the presence.
i understand her life been hard,
but don’t fade into oblivion.
she needs a life line.

michel’le – i love her.
i even started to check out her music too.
it was sad to hear dr. dre abused her like that.
wasn’t he called all the way out?
i hope to hear more of her story next season.

lil mo – i’m seeing a spin off in her future.
she came on this show and made it her own.
she does a little too much sometimes,
and mo knows this,
but i don’t blame her riding the reality show wave.
i liked how she was standing up to deli price.
you can tell she was genuinely hurt by her foolishness.
when mo started to cry tho<<<<<
i’ll watch whatever what she is on tho.

dawn – tumblr_mijogxdgvm1s5lf2ro1_500chante moore – she is one smooth vixen.
i got all her music and i’m a new fan.
the way her face looked all throughout that thing was priceless.
she didn’t even have to say anything about the kenny question either.
i’m not even mad at her.
he was being a bastid.

kelly price “when did i say i wasn’t coming?”
“when did i say i wasn’t…”
what in the passive aggressive hell?
i hate when people do that shit.
she was getting on my last nerves on that reunion.
how you gonna pull out a phone,
in the middle of a conversation,
to look for an email?
then when she announced that tour at the end?
TomCoughlin_originalthat was tacky as hell!!!
i wouldn’t have been mad if she got slapped.
i did like when wendy pulled out the tweets when she was talkin about mariah tho.
classic radio wendy right there.
i remember her tweets because it was during some awards and mariah was performing.
the lambs went on attack mode that night.
i didn’t know they liked pig.
kelly actually brings the drama and to be honest,
this is the most she been talked about her whole career.
sign up for season 2 kelly.
do it!
do it!
your mentions and my site need it!

x watch part 1
x watch part 2

lowkey: i love how chante called out kelly on that tour.
she didn’t even know she was apart of the line up til that minute.
thats why her face looked all kinds of, “huh?”.

also if you were trying to buy tickets to that tour:


x listen to some classic radio wendy fuckery here

^she use to have NO filter.
these new celebs couldn’t handle her.

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4 thoughts on “LIGHTS, CAMERA, DIVAS: The Reunion”

  1. yes, wendy made the afternoons go buy really quick, with her daily fuckery. the toe is toe talk with Art, then Chalamagne cant pronounce STreet and Shrimp correctly. The OOOOOH and WOW sound effects… i was at my desk every day 2 to 7 not missing a beat. I use to love when she would go in on the guests. Wendy im not trying to be your friend, the listeners wanna know these questions.

  2. LOL I don’t believe Chante believed a word Kelly said when she was apologizing. She was just like “aw that’s sweet” and Kelly had to ask her to stand up and give her a hug lmaoo Chante is my fave.

  3. I didn’t even notice Kelly was the Kool-Aid Cup at first.

    SMH at Dawn talking about not showing because she didn’t like the negativity and then going on twitter to be negative.Nit just you but to other people as well.She kept posting mean comments to people then deleting them and apologizing, so much for not being negative.

    If I saw Kelly, I’d slap her ass, literally her ass and then run.I know she wouldn’t be able to catch me.

    I did like how Wendy was trying to get Claudette to admit she was a homie-hopper.The guy who she was with first said on his intervention episode that she cheated with the other guy in the group.She says she left him before she started messing with the other guy.She kept saying she was young then, so I guess she was kind of admitting guilt in cheating on him.Not that that’s an excuse for him beating her though.

    I like Chante but she should have just rsponded with a “no” or “absolutely not.”TVOne might get sued because of that.

    Lil Mo was… okay I guess.

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