When I Grow Up, I Want To Rule The World.

tumblr_meaoldxhOd1rxm61fo1_500my answer:
probably not.
i can be honest enough to say that.
they would be “oh wow thats cool!!!!” at the superficial and some material tho.
i haven’t begun to rule the world like i wanted.
deep question.

lowkey: i need to get that “8 year old jamari” mind frame back.
i asked and i received.
i never gave up.
i fought for what i wanted.
if i didn’t get it,
that was unacceptable.
its amazing to me how i look back and see life/people broke me.

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7 thoughts on “When I Grow Up, I Want To Rule The World.”

  1. Good question. My eight year old self would be satisfied with where I am right now. The bumps in the road that led me here were unexpected, but at the end the same result I wanted for came true, at least right now anyway.

  2. Wow this is such a deep and profound post Jamari. I like this path you are headed on in self discovery. You will regain that inner eight year-old self, time has made your wiser so his driver plus your wisdom will only create great things.

    I think my eight year old self would so curious as too why I do everything that I do. He would wanna know whats going happen so he have an advantage. We both have a hunger for power, I’d honestly would tell him to tell our mom to invest in all these companies..

    1. ^thank you nerd!
      im getting closer to self and god and learning a lot about myself.
      it can get hard,
      but the journey is worth it.
      no one can except to climb any mountain,
      out of a treacherous valley,
      with emotional baggage strapped to their soul.

  3. Jamari, I just read Kerry has tryout with Giants on Tue @NBC sports.Didn’t you see Giants fans or players didnt like him or something like that awhile back?

    1. ^oh really?!
      wow my home city!
      lets hope he makes it!
      we are rooting for him.
      maybe they don’t like him because he was too involved with everything but football when he was with the jets?
      don’t quote me tho.

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