Braylon Edwards Should Open Up A Bakery

wpid-USATSI7386871ain’t he fine?
so ya’ll know next to kerry rhodes getting the foxhole,
wolfie braylon edwards cums in a close second.
so how mad was i when i recently heard they released him from the jets?
bray – what gives?
i saw him play in a pre-season game and then *pooof*.
well i went to check out ( x his instagram ) and saw this video.
i knew bray was a cake smuggler in his pants,
but i didn’t know it sat like that…


lowkey: well let’s hope braylon gets on a team.
he’s actually a good player.
if braylon needs a team cuttin’ foxi massage


i think braylon would make a great sports analyst.
he has charisma and likeability.
he should look into it.
all i request is he never gets that santa clause beard again.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “Braylon Edwards Should Open Up A Bakery

  1. Cake-age! I love those understated sags…when the shirt ride up cause the booty too fat. Bray got two mini cantelopes back there. I ain’t mad

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