Terron Beckham Is Down (But Not Out)

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 8.43.19 PMwell i have bad news foxhole.
it’s about terron beckham.
so sit down and read the following via ny daily news
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Terron Beckham Been Puttin’ In Work For This

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 10.13.05 PMi’m genuinely happy for terron beckham.
he is the cousin of odell beckham jr and also a foxhole fav.i remember when he came on here to defend himself against a hyena.
good times.
even tho he is a body building beast of a wolf,
terron’s dream has also been to play for the nfl.
the traditional way is going to school and being on a team.
terron said “f that” and depended on:

insane focus
training that super human bawdy of his

well he has a date with the extended rookie camp with the jets next week.
he will have the opportunity to try out for the team.
here is a quick video from stack on terron’s path to the pros in 2016…
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Saalim Hakim: The Fairest Well Travelled Baller Wolf Of Them All

MIRRORMIRROR2i’m tellin you,
my f-bi is amazing.
being a fox is kind of a big deal.
so remember ( x mirror mirror ) from yesterday?
i wanted to know who he was immediately.
i had a feeling he was a baller wolf.
maybe a pre baller.
well i was right…
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Braylon Edwards Is Doing Everything Besides Football

Screen Shot 2013-09-28 at 11.38.54 AMgod i want him to do me.
king braylon edwards
nfl free agent wolf and veteran in the foxhole,
is enjoying all his free time.
so this means more selfies and more “take your pants off as well”.
check out what bray has been getting into lately…
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Braylon Edwards Should Open Up A Bakery

wpid-USATSI7386871ain’t he fine?
so ya’ll know next to kerry rhodes getting the foxhole,
wolfie braylon edwards cums in a close second.
so how mad was i when i recently heard they released him from the jets?
bray – what gives?
i saw him play in a pre-season game and then *pooof*.
well i went to check out ( x his instagram ) and saw this video.
i knew bray was a cake smuggler in his pants,
but i didn’t know it sat like that…
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Two Vixens; One Dirty Sanchez

DIGIPIXwell not exactly.
baller wolf,
mark sanchez of the ny jets,
likes to have fun.
he could be drunk off his naked ass.
well an f-bi linked me to just that from a story terez owens posted.
it shows two vixens; one bum

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