Saalim Hakim: The Fairest Well Travelled Baller Wolf Of Them All

MIRRORMIRROR2i’m tellin you,
my f-bi is amazing.
being a fox is kind of a big deal.
so remember ( x mirror mirror ) from yesterday?
i wanted to know who he was immediately.
i had a feeling he was a baller wolf.
maybe a pre baller.
well i was right…

everyone meet #15 saalim hakim.
Screen Shot 2014-05-18 at 9.36.18 AMhe is a wide receiver for my city, the new yawk jets.
he went to went to palamor college and later played for the las vegas locomotives in 2011.
he was drafted as a undrafted free agent to the cowboys for like an hour in 2012.
he was also signed to the rams for like two hours and went onto the saints in 2012.
why do i feel like he been on a world tour?
anyway he is 24,
originally from atlanta,
has a beautiful son,
no word on wife or girlfriend,
has some baller wolf swagg,
and clearly loves himself:

…well what a coinky dink,
i think i love himself too.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

20 thoughts on “Saalim Hakim: The Fairest Well Travelled Baller Wolf Of Them All”

  1. Those eyes tho. He is mad sexy and I’m harder than a rock right now.

    I would do him doggystyle in the back seat of a jeep, with the AC turnt up and the music straight blastin.

      1. A jeep with a glove compartment full of rubbers, and we are using every bit of em. We’d go more rounds than a boxing match.

    1. If you see him without the filter light, he’s clearly brown skin. Brown comes in many shades and tones sweetie.

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