Michael Sam Gets “DENIED”

MSAMDENIEDmichael sam got “denied”.
not with his football career.
ooohhh nawwwww.
he should be in mini camp right now or soon.
no this is about him being a reality star on OWN.
remember oprah wanted to cash in where she saw fit?
well an f-bi sent me the update and well…

Two days after Oprah Winfrey’s OWN announced a docu-series about Michael Sam, the first openly gay football player to be drafted into the NFL, the network is putting the project on hold. “After careful consideration and discussion with the St. Louis Rams, The Untitled Michael Sam Project has been postponed, allowing Michael the best opportunity to achieve his dream of making the team. We will continue to support him in his journey to earn a spot playing for the Rams.”The decision comes after the announcement of Sam’s OWN series was met with mixed reaction, with the NFL denying it had any knowledge of it before the draft.

Produced in partnership with Pilgrim Studios and filmmaker Amy Rice, the Untitled Michael Sam Project was to take an up-close look at the All-American defensive end and SEC Co-Defensive Player of the Year as he enters the competitive world of pro football. Cameras were to follow Sam as he works to earn his spot on the St. Louis Rams all while under the intense scrutiny of being the first openly gay player in the NFL. “After today’s meeting with the Rams, we collectively feel it is best to postpone the project,” said Sam’s agent, Cameron Weiss of Empire Athletes. “This will allow for Michael to have a total focus on football, and will ensure no distractions to his teammates. Everybody involved remains committed to this project and understands its historical importance as well as its positive message.”

well i’m glad they axed this.
everyone is getting wayyyyyyyyy too excited.
it’s turning from:

“the amazing football player who got drafted and happens to be gay”


“the gay guy who plays football and was drafted”

he hasn’t even played yet.
the nfl is completely different from college.
no reports from mini camp yet on if he even gets along with his new team.
what if he is fuckin’ terrible?
then everyone is gonna be talkin’ shit.
he ain’t gonna be on “this” foxhole team not being able to play no ball.
i know that much.
from a PR standpoint,
they should let him have this first season completely uninterrupted.
the straights who watch football are not fully convinced.
partly because he is gay and because his combine efforts were terrible.
he was drafted damn near 2 hunnid something.
they need to start talking reality after the 2015 season ends.
an hour documentary would be suffice.
the straight baller wolves don’t even get reality shows.
that is too much distraction.
remember straight wolves don’t care about these people outside the court/field.
most gays don’t even watch football so i’m confused at all this “rah rah shish koom bah!”.
less “gay”; more “football”.
thats it.

article found: deadline

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “Michael Sam Gets “DENIED””

  1. He was drafted 249th out of 256th. Most seventh round pics do not last, and that has been the trend over the years as well. Technically Michael lied in the press conference earlier last week. He said he was only focused on football, but that is clearly not where all his focus is. He as a goal outside of just making the team, and he needs to focus on football. If he does not make the roster, he will be forgotten about.

    1. ^facts.
      something about all these come out stories stinks.
      i smell agenda.
      maybe jason collins is different,
      but the rest are all sketch city.
      derrick being the least,
      but then showing us who he was later on.
      maybe i’m wrong,
      but my foxy senses are talking…

  2. I think the titles is misleading. He wasn’t “denied” per se. Shit was starting to hit the fan and it was the right move to back out. I was smart not to do it in the first place.

      1. It was receiving backlash for the reasons you and many others stated. It wasn’t very public, but he and his people realized that he was risking putting a bad taste in the rest of the league’s mouths.

  3. I’m glad this happened

    Lots of people are disappointed because we all were supporting something good, but have found out an agenda going on here.

  4. Yeah football fans were pissed and even a few of his teammmates anonymously complained to the press.

    He’s the sacrificial lamb. The gay rights activists as well as the press are using him and they are going to basically fuck up his NFL career before it even starts.

    They have his teammates taking sensitivity classes, but they’re telling them to treat Sam with the respect you’d give any team member? The fuck they gotta take classes for then.

    Then you got players being fined for even veiled opinions expressing anything other than support.

    What happens when an employer appears to treat one subordinate better than the others? That subordinate has a whole flock of resentful enemies ready to set him up.

    1. They shouldn’t have had to do that considering we haven’t heard Manti Te’o having any problems.I thought he would get teased out the wazoo but I guess everybody either forgot about it or didn’t care.I heard Manti is one of us tho.

      1. Manti Te’o has stated he is not gay.Nonetheless he was named second on the list of most disliked athletes after Michael Vick for 2013.Sam has stated he is gay
        so I guess he will be #1 on the list.Just kidding

        This was a mistep by Michael Sam and his advisors. Fortunately they only took two days to correct their mistake.

  5. I read getting drafted by the Rams was the worst thing that could have happened to Sam because they already have 4 defensive ends. It would have been better if he was undrafted then he could have gone to a team that needed a DE.

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