Kofi Siriboe Looks Like “King Dark Chocolate”

CrR7aXPWEAAneeEso i’m excited about this new show on own,
“queen sugar”.
what caught my eye was the way it’s shot via ( x the trailer ).
well one of the vix-bi on the twitter foxhole,
by the name @elizadwrites,
wanted me to check out one of the wolves of the show.
his name is kofi siriboe and well…
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“We’re Expecting Twins… and My Hubby Likes The Menz”


not with kevin trollin’ for male company as his wife sleeps on that love seat…
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So I Started Watching “Greenleaf” and Well…

OWN_Greenleaf_Graceso i spent these last two days on lazy mode.
my job literally wears me out so any chance of rest i definitely take it.
in between resting,
and doing absolutely nothing,
i was recommended from the foxhole to watch “greenleaf on own.
it is a show created by craig wright,
and executive produced by oprah winfrey.
here is a quick break down of the plot:

“The Greenleaf family, which runs sprawling Memphis megachurch Calvary Fellowship World Ministries, appears to be a loving and caring clan. Beneath the surface, though, exists scandalous secrets and lies. Greed, adultery and sibling rivalry are among the issues that threaten to test the family’s faith and tear the group apart. The scandalous happenings are uncovered by Grace, the estranged daughter of church leader Bishop James Greenleaf, when she returns home after a 20-year absence.”

all i have to say …

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So I Started Watching #HAHN Season 4 and Well…

cjVab8sif a vix-bi didn’t alert me “hahn” started,
i definitely wouldn’t have known.
a side of me stopped caring about that show.
6 seasons that feels like they have spanned 1 week of blah.
the season finales usually pop off.
so here are my thoughts of what i watched…
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The Haves and Have Not Understanding This

TVLG_HHN_3x4_1536x2048_TTokay i need to be str8 up.
i know honesty is “wrong” when it comes to black entertainment,
but i’m entitled to my opinion right?
okay here goes…


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Did You Fall Asleep During “The Haves and Have Nots” Premiere?

the-haves-and-the-have-nots-new-seasonokay so i have the craziest headache tonight,
but i decided to watch the season 5 premiere of “the haves and have nots”.
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