So I Started Watching #HAHN Season 4 and Well…

cjVab8sif a vix-bi didn’t alert me “hahn” started,
i definitely wouldn’t have known.
a side of me stopped caring about that show.
6 seasons that feels like they have spanned 1 week of blah.
the season finales usually pop off.
so here are my thoughts of what i watched…

can they drag these conversations out any longer?
i had to fast forward through many scenes because of that.
like the one scene with hannah talking to the social worker.
how many times was she gonna say “i’m sorry” in that convo?

“where is the baby?”hannah
“i’m sorry,
i don’t know…”social worker
“what do you mean?”
“i’m sorry…”
“but the baby?”
“i’m sorry i can’t tell you.”
tell me!”

“i’m so sorry…”


-speaking of hannah,
but she has gotten even more annoying.
at least she is consistent.
i wish they would kill her off and get a new mom.
like a cool long lost step mom or something.

since he blocked me on twitter for no reason,
i don’t even pay attention to him anymore.
womp womp.

-jeffrey and this snow wolf cop.
how many times is he gonna scream:

“I’M NOT GAY!!!!!”

we get it.
now kindly shut the fuck up.
what got me was jeffrey fuckin’ the snow wolf cop,
and then telling landon how good he was.
how random was that?

-i guess maggie was the receiver of those bullets.
her character was kinda being written into a pointless hole.
better to be killed off gracefully.

-chicago ronni.
she is on the verge of “doing too much” now.
her character was funny at first,
but now she is becoming insufferable.
i did like when david dragged her out the suv tho.
how did chicago ronni know where the blood was in candace house?

candace has fallen so hard from grace.
she went from a “smart bish” to “wack bish”.
i was stuck at her getting raped on a fence.
tyler gone from “gay” to “getting raped” now?

wyatt dead ya’ll!
he dead!
i’m kinda sad that we won’t see this:

Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 6.50.23 PM

…but his character was losing steam.
good run tho wyatt!

i don’t know if i’ll be tuning in regularly,
but i’ll binge when i can.
next up: green leaf.

lowkey: why do i feel like actors are probably asking to get killed off?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

20 thoughts on “So I Started Watching #HAHN Season 4 and Well…”

  1. Yeah make sure you watch Greenleaf.I just fast forwarded through most of HAHN.It takes me about ten minutes to watch it.😂

  2. Yeah I use to love HAHN, but the last couple seasons have bored me. The episodes and the whole season just drags on, it’s like we get nowhere and the characters are stuck in the same place. I wish they didn’t kill Wyatt off, hopefully in the next episode he wakes up. I also wish they can kill Hannah off she gets on my damn nerves with all that over the top yelling, wanting to fight Candance, and trying to find that damn near pre teen grandchild of hers which she still refers to as a baby. I’m so tired of Veronique too, she needs to be taken down like asap, I’m so annoyed with her husband David too. Jeffrey body was looking on point thought when he took his shirt off, I’m here for Jeffrey being a lil slut this season, I just wished they didn’t kill Wyatt off because I wanted to see Jeffrey hump his brains out, and be done with him. I just hope now Jeffrey can take his mom down all this blackmailing him is so lame and tired. Benny not here for him, can he get killed off the show too, but his friend that works with him is sexy, we need more of him even though his acting skills suck too. By the way when the hotel workers came in and found Wyatt that one black dude was sexy, I hope we get too see more of him.

  3. I feel like Oprah is slowly getting over the Perry shows. I really like the direction she’s going with Greenleaf (although the drama reminds me sooooo much of Empire)

  4. I hate how this show DRAGS on for so long!! TP needs to get it together! They wasted a good 7+ minutes on that BORING scene with Hannah and Katherine talking shit!

    Wyatt was annoying but I’m mad I won’t see him anymore on my screen 🙁
    I wish they would have showed more of Jeffery & the cop. And it was so unrealistic, they should have made the cop more enthusiastic. Like dude you’re getting some nookie! TF are you not smiling for?? Jeffery look good tho.

    Maggie was useless. Good riddance.
    Bennie’s scenes are so boring. But his friend is cute.
    David is annoying.

    Overall the show needs to pick up the pace. I’m bored now.. Shit that we should have known a YEAR ago gets revealed now like WTF? I wonder how it’s all going to pan out in the future. TP sure loves a messy ol’ soap opera.

    And how is Greenleaf? I wanted to watch it but I tuned off after 2 minutes because I couldn’t bring my self to sit for 45 minutes and watch that. I have a short attention span and get bored quickly. I’ma need a review on that.

    1. Yes it takes until at least mid episode for greenleaf to build. but i have enjoyed it so far. some storylines are predictable but Lynn Winfield and the lead guy are so great (main preacher)

  5. Wow the comments are on point. Everything I wanted to say was covered about HavesHaveNots. As for Greenleaf, I can see some interesting storylines developing there. I hope they stay on course. And keep your eye on the DL guy who is married to the dark skin Greenleaf daughter. Don’t know their names yet.

    1. Kevin and his wife Charity.How do you know he is DL? 😂

      Has Tyler Perry ever had a project WITHOUT a closeted/DL gay man.You would think he was closeted or DL,but of course he is not. He has a beautiful Lady friend/baby mama.

      1. Y Colette

        LOL I meant the character not the actual person off camera. Did you see how he glared at the white guy from the homeless charity? And he wasn’t happy when he learned wifey was pregnant. And afterall, what church drama can go without a closeted gay man? Dude is phine too.

      2. @The Man You are right, Greenleaf is not a Tyler Perry project but it seems like a lot of his movies and dramatic projects include a closeted guy.

        Interesting factoid about the show Kevin’s wife Charity is played by Deborah Joy Winans.Her dad is a member of the Winans gospel group,Carvin Winans.

  6. Jamari Ronica knew about the blood from Kita ( Quincy’s sister) she saw the floor when her and Al B Sure’s son broke in .

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