So I Started Watching #HAHN Season 4 and Well…

cjVab8sif a vix-bi didn’t alert me “hahn” started,
i definitely wouldn’t have known.
a side of me stopped caring about that show.
6 seasons that feels like they have spanned 1 week of blah.
the season finales usually pop off.
so here are my thoughts of what i watched…
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The Haves and The Have You Seen The Fine Cop?

drool much?
the problem i have is tyler perry always casts these fine wolves.
its hard to ignore his programming,
or writing,
when you are bombarded by all this deliciousness.
this time its the cop played by nicholas james
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Did You Fall Asleep During “The Haves and Have Nots” Premiere?

the-haves-and-the-have-nots-new-seasonokay so i have the craziest headache tonight,
but i decided to watch the season 5 premiere of “the haves and have nots”.
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Don’t You Just Love A (Good) Knockoff?

tylepli saw him again today.
this morning.
i was late for work and had to get on the last train car.
i actually need to be in the front.
well there he was.
standing there looking all serious ‘n’ shit.
the “tyler lepey” knockoff i want…
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I’m A Simple Bitch

did chicago ronni not have a psychotic break last night on #hahn?
how she just gonna tear up that restaurant like that?
and then gonna walk out like a triple OG:


pure comedy.

lowkey: mad she gonna burn up her house next week.
david didn’t know he was gonna be in it.
you don’t destroy ya own shit.
so when is she gonna cut this out and smash quincy?
i bet SHE will work him completely out.

x watch episode here

*picture credited to own