Did You Fall Asleep During “The Haves and Have Nots” Premiere?

the-haves-and-the-have-nots-new-seasonokay so i have the craziest headache tonight,
but i decided to watch the season 5 premiere of “the haves and have nots”.

…how boring was that?

so many pointless scenes and the talking.
oh lawd…
the endless amounts of rambling called “talking”…



  • is it going to take until the season finale for the to move quincy’s body?
  • i did laugh that mrs cryer didn’t know that was a wig.
  • this she-jackal tried to burn him alive,
    have his only son killed for his sexuality,and tore up an entire bar in front of him…
    is david the new “jeffrey”?
  • wyatt is just…
    but dumb.
  • was that scene between hannah and benny absolutely painful?
  • this season doesn’t look too promising.
  • who was that snow wolf cop???

maybe its time to either make this a weekly soap or end it.
i guess for many of us its just like:


we just can’t turn our head’s away.
so foxhole…

Will you be watching “The Haves and Have Nots” for season 5?

Author: jamari fox

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17 thoughts on “Did You Fall Asleep During “The Haves and Have Nots” Premiere?”

  1. It is painful and we know it dont get good until the last two episodes. Tyler perry shows are like a bad book i read. I skipp ahead and read the finish but continue reading because i have to learn how it lead up to it.

  2. I agree with everything you said in this post. All of the talking definetly needs to be cut out its getting really ridiculous but I will continue to watch for all the random sexy wolves that guest star on the show I’m here for that. SN Jeffrey body is looking real nice.

  3. I was hoping when Tyler’s surrogate/girlfriend gave birth to his son a year ago he would hire some writers.But he is still doing all the writing for the show and it shows.For some reason he feels he has to write,direct and produce every episode.I fast forwarded thru the episode

  4. I didn’t even bother watching the premier. I didn’t even finish watching last season. The pace of the show is too slow for it to hold my attention, especially when there are filler shows that do not even move the plot. Waste of time.

  5. I gave up on it, the middle of last season. They drag everything out too long and too much meaningless talking. Benny and Wyatt can only hold my attention for so long.

  6. Ok maybe I’m slow, but what’s all the complaining about the pace? I thought that #THATHN WAS IN FACT a soap opera. Isn’t the POINT for it to be drawn out with a bunch of dialogue and subplots?? 😕

  7. My favorite scene was when Veronica was bragging about her jewellery being real but then got forced to take off her wig and out came those prison cornrows LOL! And Katherine’s girdle… I died.
    And Wyatt is so nice to look at #JS

  8. I have a friend who’s a comic, and laughs at his jokes like they are the funniest shit ever uttered. Tyler’s writing makes me think he considers himself to be brilliant.

    The only apparent TRUTH is that we are so starved for “black entertainment” that we suffer through his banal bullshit.

    Please let him know that we’re not that into his writing. #suffering

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