I’m A Simple Bitch

did chicago ronni not have a psychotic break last night on #hahn?
how she just gonna tear up that restaurant like that?
and then gonna walk out like a triple OG:


pure comedy.

lowkey: mad she gonna burn up her house next week.
david didn’t know he was gonna be in it.
you don’t destroy ya own shit.
so when is she gonna cut this out and smash quincy?
i bet SHE will work him completely out.

x watch episode here

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5 thoughts on “I’m A Simple Bitch

  1. That was some of the messiest “mess” I’ve seen in a while. David needs to unwind, loosen up and dayyum, he is “DaddY”. Veronica needs to be checked HARD. Can we discuss how Candice is parlaying Jim’s money into a family come up, tho?

  2. I died when I watched that last scene. Veronica is going to lose David. Show is getting more interesting. #DelusionalSimpleBitch.

    1. Thought I just had bad taste. Glad I’m not the only one. I don’t get the hype. Some episodes are great but the scenes drag out so long it reeks of unedited writing.

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