Let Go Of Your Cray

Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 6.54.10 PMi realllllllllllllly enjoyed “being mary jane” last night.
i mean i love it every tuesday night,
but last night really got me.
and how amazing was the erykah badu soundtrack tho?
anyway it didn’t have any gratuitous sex scenes,
nor did it have any other fine wolves to speak of,
but it did have a lot of finding herself and closure.
you know i’m all for a good soul searching session

so in the episode,
she let go of david thru the help of god.
and thanks for that!
glad she sees they aren’t really that good for each other.
lets hope this introduces thomas jones aka cutty buddy as a new love interest.
she also decided to “right her wrongs” with people from her past.
one of her friends from the first season she burned,
obviously wasn’t trying to hear it via not answering her calls.
some people won’t want to hear your apology.
the fact you reached out to squash whatever beef is for YOU and only YOU.
she also mended the strained relationship she had with her niece,
what mary jane didn’t realize was niecy had already forgiven her.

Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 6.53.59 PMdeepness.
what helped mary jane in doing this was something called:


so its a graph you make of four quadrants.
it’s a way of looking at:

who you are
how you come off to others
and who you would like to be

you want to try it?
i’m interested in doing it.
according to mindtools.com,
you can draw a graph like this:

Johari-Window-Diagram-New…or simply make it in list form.
whatever you are comfortable with.
then you apply this:

1. Open Area (Quadrant 1)

This quadrant represents the things that you know about yourself, and the things that others know about you. This includes your behavior, knowledge, skills, attitudes, and “public” history.

or according to the show:

“The first is an open area which contains information of our behavior and motivation of which both we, and other people, are aware.”

2. Blind Area (Quadrant 2)

This quadrant represents things about you that you aren’t aware of, but that are known by others.

This can include simple information that you do not know, or it can involve deep issues (for example, feelings of inadequacy, incompetence, unworthiness, or rejection), which are often difficult for individuals to face directly, and yet can be seen by others.

according to the show:

“What people say about us that we refuse to hear or accept.”

3. Hidden Area (Quadrant 3)

This quadrant represents things that you know about yourself, but that others don’t know.

according to the show:

“The things we are unwilling to share with others perhaps because we don’t trust them or they won’t love us.”

4. Unknown Area (Quadrant 4)

This last quadrant represents things that are unknown by you, and are unknown by others.

according to the show:

“These are the things are unknown to you and others and once you journey through these areas, we can come closer to who we are and who we want to be.”

giphy…isn’t this crazy deep?
i’m starting mine tonight.
i won’t lie and say i’m not a lil nervous,
but i love learning to find myself.
in watching the episode,
i’m starting to think i’m a “mary jane paul” my damn self.
i also realized i’ve gotten comfortable in my own mess.
as crazy as that sounds,
its a good thing tho.
in your mess…


i’m trying to find my own.
what about you?


tumblr_nlfduyM33t1rkbqbko1_500x WATCH LAST NIGHT’S EPISODE OF BEING MARY JANE

x read more about the johari window

4 thoughts on “Let Go Of Your Cray

  1. To me the show is very draining. To me Mary Jane is a nasty little bitch and for whatever reason I’m surprise that the people still talk to her because she talk down to people like trash.

  2. When I was a kid I loved that bag lady song. It wasn’t until I was older that I understood what it meant. It’s a metaphor for letting go of past hurts and moving on.

    It something I struggle with.

  3. I just got done watching it and really I was blown away. It was one of the deepest episode of the show has ever produce. I love how she was willing to admit her wrongs in her relationships with people and she came to the conclusion that her friend from the first season wasn’t really her friend but more of someone she kept around for business purposes.

    The Johari window sounds interesting and I think once I do some more research on it I’ll be willing to do it.

    P.S. Gabrielle Union has a lot of hair, who knew. I thought when she was looking at herself in the mirror with her fro she was going to decide to become natural or something.

    1. ^it was such a profound episode for me!

      im working on my graph so I can get more into who I am.
      I think the results will be pretty interesting.

      i loved how she explained she was terrified she would have gone on tv without her weave in lol

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