i’m kinda upset about “snowfall” last week

i don’t know if the foxhole watches “snowfall” on fx,
but i’m vex about it.
if you don’t watch,
you really should.
it’s based on how the crack epidemic started at in the 80s.
i’ve fonted about it on numerous occasions.
well my vent is about last week’s episode titled “confessions“.
i finally caught up and…

*spoilers ahead*
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instead of bookin a role on “onlyfans”, he got one on “9-1-1”

so i’m into “9-1-1” heavy on fox.
i’m sure i’ve fonted about it already.
i love the dynamic of the characters,
the lowkey crush on buck,
(played by oliver stark):

…and how every episode has a wild opening emergency sequence.
auntie angela bassett does her thing on the show too.
i can’t forget about ryan guzman and jennifer love hewitt either.
well i was watching last week’s episode last night,
titled “dosed”,
and a familiar face and bawdy popped up.
it’s an attentionisto i’ve fonted about many times before.
guess who?
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Andrew Cunanan Was Made, Not Born?

every “bad guy” has a past.

comic books
tv shows
internet trolls

real life

if you’re observant and do some digging,
you’ll find the source.
there are folks in my life that hurt me,
but when i stop and thought about the things they said,
i realized where that hurt in them came from.
i feel like no one is born bad tho,
but certain life events led them to play the role of the “villains”.
can i tell you i am absolutely blown away by “american crime story: the assassination of gianni versace”?
everything is brilliant about this show.
this cast and crew deserve all the awards.
this week on episode “creator/destroyer”,
they showed us andrew cunanan’s past and i have to font (with spoilers)…

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So I Watched “Tales” On BET and Well…

my mind is blown.
so ever since i saw the previews for irv gotti’s new show,
“tales” on bet,
it piqued my interest.
from his description,
every episode would be it different situations based off hip hop songs.
tonight’s debut episode was called “f**k the police”.

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