i’m kinda upset about “snowfall” last week

i don’t know if the foxhole watches “snowfall” on fx,
but i’m vex about it.
if you don’t watch,
you really should.
it’s based on how the crack epidemic started at in the 80s.
i’ve fonted about it on numerous occasions.
well my vent is about last week’s episode titled “confessions“.
i finally caught up and…

*spoilers ahead*


i just knew it.
they foreshadowed it during the very first episode.
after all the drama she found herself in this season,
i knew her road to spelman wouldn’t be so easy.

i don’t know how i feel about her going into that route of her story line tho.
the part where after she fucks franklin in the break room of her job,
she snorts coke with her friends.
she goes to a party before she has to drive to spelman,
hooks up with some random wolf,
she sees someone doing herion in the corner,
and she’s interested in trying it.

Shouldn’t she know better?

we already got one “girlfriend turned crackhead“,
do we really need another?
i hope they don’t ruin her character for the sake of shock value.
i would have enjoyed it if she was just “the love interest“.
kill off the father and have her marry franklin?

i dunno…
there are four more episodes left in the season.
we shall see what happens next.
“snowfall” comes on fx every wednesday at 10pm.

5 thoughts on “i’m kinda upset about “snowfall” last week

  1. Its a fucked line in the most thought provoking prose. Lol now watch her father blame Franklin.

  2. If they find her, she better off in that college far from home and that environment is toxic for her. Also its so convenient for the father to ask about and to find her from the previews. I hope franklin knows to watch his back when he drives. Its a smart thing that he’s not using his product but i hope melody knows at least how to control her drug consumption

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