so i watched “snowfall” and “power” back to back (well…)

“She on that rock.” – Franklin, Snowfall

i don’t know why i cried so hard watching that last episode of “snowfall“.
i’m a wimp so please bare with me.
played by reign edwards,
getting hooked on crack tho…

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i’m kinda upset about “snowfall” last week

i don’t know if the foxhole watches “snowfall” on fx,
but i’m vex about it.
if you don’t watch,
you really should.
it’s based on how the crack epidemic started at in the 80s.
i’ve fonted about it on numerous occasions.
well my vent is about last week’s episode titled “confessions“.
i finally caught up and…

*spoilers ahead*
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i watched the trailer for the third season of “snowfall” and well…

i don’t know WHO told me to get into “snowfall” on “fx” but…

Thank you.

i’m addicted to this show.
i love me some franklin saint:

he was my drug king pin/daddy wolf.
i saw the trailer for “season 3” this morning and well…

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so beyonce is pushing homophobia?

speaking of,
i’m due to listen to “lemonade” soon.
i like to give queen b’s music a break so i can miss her.

i don’t take it as seriously as some,
but i hate when i’m chatting with a straight wolf and it’s:

“PAUSE this; PAUSE that.”

we get it,
you’re straight and say questionable shit.
i wasn’t judging before.
i will going forward.
the straights who know i get down get checked asap for it.
well a trans-vixen from “pose” on fx,
angelica ross,
called out beyonce for her using the word,

“I don’t give a fuck,
chucking my deuces up

Suck on my balls,
I had enough…
– “sorry“, lemonade

these are her tweets
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so i started watching “pose” on fx and well…

“naomi campbell”
“a 90s mariah carey”
” a latina mimi faust from lhhatl”
this is what i was thinking when i started watching “pose” on fx.
those are who the vixens reminded me of.
soooooo from the foxhole,
to my home vixen i call “pose”,
and even joe budden of all straight wolves:

…has been talking/telling me about the show.
i was pretty much finished with all my other programs,
so i said why not?
i will admit that i was hesitant because of the previews.
i’m started watching but…

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“snowfall” in july

so due to a fav foxholer’s suggest,
i started to binge a show on fx called “snowfall”.
it was co-created,
and written by by john singleton.
an og when it comes to good black movies.

the show deals with 3 stories lines that show the rise of the crack epidemic in the 80s.

my only issue with this show…

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