so i watched “snowfall” and “power” back to back (well…)

“She on that rock.” – Franklin, Snowfall

i don’t know why i cried so hard watching that last episode of “snowfall“.
i’m a wimp so please bare with me.
played by reign edwards,
getting hooked on crack tho…

I can’t stand it

…but it makes for a great story-line.
i don’t know how she still continued even after seeing wanda’s strung out ass,
but that was the truth for many back when the crack epidemic bloomed.

“Why would they allow themselves to get hooked on crack?”

the high is out of this world.
i’ve seen the effects of crack upfront growing up in the hood.
i hate to see people with potential throw their life away.
that’s me always seeing “the good” in others.
i broke down when franklin found and dragged her out the crack house.
with wanda becoming a crack head,
i didn’t feel anything since there was no background to her character.
with mel,
there was a build up of “going the right path”,
but i was bracing myself for her decent to madness this season.
i don’t see her getting her life together.
there was no “rehab” in the 80s like there is now.

She gone

this season has been amazing tho.
snowfall” comes on fx every wednesday at 10pm.

i’m okay with angela dying in this final season of “power“.
it was getting to the point that she was just “there“.
becoming more and more annoying and pointless.
everyone has turned on ghost too.
it made me think of how we admire these “powerful” folks,
but not realize the bridges they burned to get to where they are.
i’m interested in seeing how they close out this season.
i know one thing tho:

I loathe the new theme song with Tremaine

they fumbled the bag with that one.
the one with joe is iconic.
“power” premieres on starz at 8pm,
but you can watch it early on the “starz” app.

Author: jamari fox

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7 thoughts on “so i watched “snowfall” and “power” back to back (well…)”

  1. Any really hot sex scenes this first episode of POWER?

    Ghost got Cakes & an upper body like no other!

  2. Power was blah for the premiere. Kind of disappointing mike me think it should have been canceled after Angie got shocked.

  3. I remember I tried crack when I was in college, I was on fucking cloud 9,000. It was the best high I ever had and I still think about it til this day, but I knew that was my first & only time trying it. I see why some can get hooked on it, but thank God I have discipline.

  4. I was rooting for Wanda and Mel to gain some ground at the skating ring but as soon as thing went south, that shit reminded me of my brother reaching into friends purse to get his fix, and he was smart until he hanged with the wrong crowd. Franklin needed a taste of his own medicine to see how this drug hurts ppl.

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