you might have been committing a fashion sin like i have (sophie turner)

stop what you’re doing.
you might have been doing something in fashion all wrong.
page six” wants you all to know that sophie turner,
best known for “sansa” on “game of thrones“,
has been doing something wrong with her style too.
you’ll never guess what

Sophie Turner isn’t afraid of a fashion faux pas.

The “Game of Thrones” actress’s off-duty style has always been on the casual side, but lately, she’s been pairing all her outfits with a polarizing choice of footwear: sandals worn with socks.

well goodness.
i’ve been doing this for years now.
i just wore slides and socks to work the other day.
i’m wore them to the barber shop earlier.

i didn’t know i was committing a fashion sin.
sophie went to twitter to address the article:

so in other words:

black folks been doing this for years.
i’m glad she didn’t claim this as a new thing.

article cc: page six

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “you might have been committing a fashion sin like i have (sophie turner)”

  1. Guess I was looking busted today Lol. Had on a plain white tee, black joggers and my Nike slides. I was only going to CVS to pick up a few things 🤷🏾‍♂️

  2. No shade but I actually hate when niggas wear socks with slides. It screams ghetto to me which hilariously ironic that a white girl got called out for it. I simply lotion my feet and rock them myself.

    1. Well, I lowkey have a foot fetish, so seeing a fyne nigga with cute feet, rocking slides barefoot turns me on. But I only would like to see it, if once again, his feet were nice, if you have busted feet, or corns and bunions, Id rather you were socks, lol.

  3. Anybody who talks about fashion “faux pas” always seem to have no sense of fashion. Worry about rubbing my big feet and shut up.

  4. At least they aren’t socks with the thong shower slippers. Something we’ve also all done. White folks just white folking again.

  5. No, no, folks been wearing socks & slides since Day 1.

    It may be a fashion faux pas for Sophie Turner, but it ain’t for brothas. Not now, not ever.

    Wear your socks & slides, JamariFox. (Cute socks too!)

  6. Ok, sorry America but the rest of the world knew it was a NO NO NO since forever, including sophie that’s why she’s talking about taking trash out… because that’s the only thing you can do dressed like that. Don’t kill tho, love yall 🙂
    Put some heavy lotion on your feet (because the skin on the feet is dryer than the rest of the body, so if you use your body lotion you gonna end up with dry ass grey feet, and that’s a NO!!!) and go out.
    Socks are meant for shoes. If you don’t like exposing your feet just wear espadrilles.

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