“snowfall” in july

so due to a fav foxholer’s suggest,
i started to binge a show on fx called “snowfall”.
it was co-created,
and written by by john singleton.
an og when it comes to good black movies.

the show deals with 3 stories lines that show the rise of the crack epidemic in the 80s.

my only issue with this show…

I am sooooooo confused as to what else is happening

so i get the “black folks” story line.
that one is kinda straight forward to follow.

the snow wolf and the good looking latino = lost af
the mexican wrestler and the two relatives = super lost af

it’s a good show,
and i have no plans on quitting,
but i feel like there is so much going on.
i’m on episode 3 and i’m still trying to piece everything together.
that male rape scene in the second episode tho…
this is a definitely a “pay attention” kind of show,
i’ve been on my phone and fucked up somewhere.

i will say that i’m attracted to the main black wolf,
“franklin saint” played by damson idris:


i think he is sexy af.
he isn’t like the “fantasy” wolves i usually post,
but something about him that turns me on.
i don’t know if it’s his confidence or swagg,
maybe even his rise to power being naive
…but he could get the whole foxtail.


7 thoughts on ““snowfall” in july

  1. I went straight to that ep3 like you mention and already Im hooked and sold. I like the plot and the 80s theme made me feel like back in the day. I saw the gay themes especially the wrestle eaves dropped on the dude in the kitchen. Never thought a gay rape scene would be used tho. this will keep me busy before Issa Rae. love the settings and quality.

      1. Snowfall is about the beginning of the drug crisis in America. Franklin is a good boy going bad. Decided to up his hustle from slinging Mary Jane from his uncle to big times with the crack selling Jews. The CIA is also involve in the drug trafficking as well as trying to help the war in South America. Its like 3 or 4 stories going on at once, but they are all tied together.

  2. LOL Shhh I know all the “details”.. i have a good judy who ‘been there 😉

  3. this is in my “to watch” list. There are too many shows I have to watch and/or catch up on! Ugh!

      1. Agree heavy with both of these comments. People in my circle won’t stop talking about Pose, and I’m intrigued to tune to in. And now J got me interested in this lol

        Just when I was about to Banish tv from my life since creativity in the writing has been dry af, a wholw bunch new good stuff pop up. Damn!

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