i can’t sleep (yellowjackets)

i can’t sleep.
i took 3 st. john worts for a mild depression last night and ended up falling out at like 11.
i promptly woke up at 2 am and haven’t been to sleep since.
i tried reading and jackin off but nothing put me back down.
i decided to watch a show off a trailer i saw a few weeks ago.
the show is called yellowjackets on showtime.

Description: Wildly talented high school girls’ soccer players descend into savage clans after their plane crashes in the remote northern wilderness.


it looked really intriguing and i’m usually on point with picking good tv.

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i want 3 dragons now

i read jay bought bey one of the dragon eggs.
so i’m not worthy.
they tried to tell me,
and even some of you tried to tell me,
but i didn’t listen.
this sorta was a teachable moment for me.

“Don’t judge a book by it’s cover”?

that’s it.
since saturday,
i have been getting my soul snatched.
from a wolf?
i don’t think a wolf could ever entertain me like this.
my tv tho?
oh yes…

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you can add another show to my “go away! i’m binging!” list

so one of my close home vixens,
who i need to find a nick name for,
has been begging me to watch this show since a few months ago.
i’ve had others scream on me because i didn’t watch it either.
i wasn’t interested.
i didn’t think it would be for me.
i brushed it off because i had a ton of shows in my “watch list”.
since i’ve been sick,
i’ve pretty much binged all the shows i was backed up on.
well except “sabrina”.
that one is taking a while to hold my interest.
i decided to start watching the show everyone has been on me about.
that show you ask?…

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“snowfall” in july

so due to a fav foxholer’s suggest,
i started to binge a show on fx called “snowfall”.
it was co-created,
and written by by john singleton.
an og when it comes to good black movies.

the show deals with 3 stories lines that show the rise of the crack epidemic in the 80s.

my only issue with this show…

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