i can’t sleep (yellowjackets)

i can’t sleep.
i took 3 st. john worts for a mild depression last night and ended up falling out at like 11.
i promptly woke up at 2 am and haven’t been to sleep since.
i tried reading and jackin off but nothing put me back down.
i decided to watch a show off a trailer i saw a few weeks ago.
the show is called yellowjackets on showtime.

Description: Wildly talented high school girls’ soccer players descend into savage clans after their plane crashes in the remote northern wilderness.

it looked really intriguing and i’m usually on point with picking good tv.



my eyes were wide open from start to finish.
they got right into it and spared no details on what is gonna go down.
it was so good that i had to get up and write this entry at 5 am.
i’m about to start the second episode because i wanna know what happens next.
i probably won’t be going back to sleep until 7 am.

I love when good TV has me INVOLVED.

from what i’m picking up so far,
these young vixens started eating each other to survive in the wilderness.
i want the foxhole to check out the first episode:

i’d love to read your thoughts.

lowkey: i feel like good tv for me should most def entertain,
but also present the possibility of “what if?” from your comfort level.

Author: jamari fox

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3 thoughts on “i can’t sleep (yellowjackets)”

  1. Just watched the first 2 and I’m very entertained and somewhat disturbed by all the blood. But all in all a well put together show. Next episode comes on tomorrow night

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