doja cat doesn’t seem to enjoy being a star anymore

some people don’t have what it takes to be a star.
everyone wants to bypass the hard work it takes to create content.
they want to bypass that straight towards the admiration and stans NOW.


for someone like beyonce,
who literally had to wake up at 5 am to run and sing in heels to learn breath control,
that has all paid off for her becoming a legend for our generation.
i’m sure beyonce has felt pressure to do all that she does.
with big heels comes a bigger purpose.
even britney spears were out here working her ass off for her spot in pop.


some of the entertainers of today are kinda lazy and complain way too much.
rapping vixen,
doja cat,
seems like one of those entertainers.
she said she hasn’t fun being a star and hates all the things that come with being famous…

oh boo hoo.

i feel like every time i hear about doja cat,
she is complaining about something relating to her stardom.
people need to attend the school of beyonce tbh.
we don’t ever hear beyonce complaining about this kind of nonsense.
we don’t ever hear from her until she is ready for a takeover.
she has put in the work and the mere mention of her name can stop the world.

as far as doja cat is concerned,
i fuck with her and all but…

She can easily retire and leave this life all behind her.

it’s really not that difficult to do.
do you know how many vixens want doja’s spot?
there is a vixen whose parents are training her to be a viper at this moment.
she wants the throne and is being assembled to get there.
doja hasn’t reached the level where she complains about pictures and interviews.
that is all par the course of the job.
she can easily give up her spot for whoever that new grateful vixen on the way is.
beyonce would never.

lowkey: some of these folks are not stars.
they are regula degulas who want likes and attention.

lowkey: i bet doja cat doesn’t complain about the vip access,
the free shit,
and the perks that come with stardom tho.

9 thoughts on “doja cat doesn’t seem to enjoy being a star anymore

  1. Shes not a “star” she’s jus a pretty girl that has some singing talent, she’d probably be better suited as a songwriter for other artists. People don’t realize being a Singer…IS A JOB! You think Record Companies r jus gonna place u in this multi-million dollar position n ur not gonna WORK for it?! (And u better bring in more $ then they shell’d out for u) Honestly I’m not surprised cause her natural personality (in my opinion) is rather brass/annoying/awkward, so I’m not surprised it’s hard for her to “Sell it” and “Be a Star” 24/7

  2. Jamari i dont understand ppl like you…how can you tell someone how to live a life you’ve never lived.

  3. I used to get in “trouble” because I said Janet was the last of the “old guard”. I clearly see now that was Beyonce. I like Doja as a performer. A lot. Having said that, there is stuff you keep to yourself or express it in a way that doesn’t feel like a sympathy grab. These new stars all seem to miss that particular homework lesson. Many would love to be able to do what they “allegedly” love and get paid/perks for it. In life, the bad comes with the good. Perhaps they just aren’t cut out for fame…

  4. oh boo hoo. Honey we all out here working when we’d rather be on a beach somewhere. but guess what we can’t be on the beach all the time.

    as for the beyonce and britney comparisons… both of them had their complainer moments we all do. I guess what set them apart from dojas is that they we more eloquent with expressing their complaints.

    1. I understand your point, but I don’t see the need for eloquence. She’s at home talking to her fans online and I honestly appreciate the candidness. She’s a part of a younger generation that’s now realizing that work should not be the most centered aspect of our lives, but due to the current standards, it is. Lmao she tired. I get it.

  5. When a hobby becomes a job it stops being fun. This goes for anything not just popstars. You think she would have already known that…

      1. i saw this coming

        She has a very down to earth personality I remember when she was on the come up here in NY doing small shows and when moo caught it was like instant hit after hit

        It’s happening fast for her suddenly

        And the way they treat and talk to Black women especially in the industry and what they go through

        Can ruin a sane individual she’s already quirky and cerebral

        Normanis mother said it’s a lot of sabotage behind the scenes

        That’s why i appreciate ppl like Nicki that don’t fold no matter what

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