you can add another show to my “go away! i’m binging!” list

so one of my close home vixens,
who i need to find a nick name for,
has been begging me to watch this show since a few months ago.
i’ve had others scream on me because i didn’t watch it either.
i wasn’t interested.
i didn’t think it would be for me.
i brushed it off because i had a ton of shows in my “watch list”.
since i’ve been sick,
i’ve pretty much binged all the shows i was backed up on.
well except “sabrina”.
that one is taking a while to hold my interest.
i decided to start watching the show everyone has been on me about.
that show you ask?…

“game of thrones”.
please don’t even start on me.
this show is like how i was with “breaking bad” and “this is us”.
i brushed them off,
but as soon as i watched those first episodes,
i was pretty much hooked.

i won’t lie to you,
but during the first episode of “game of thrones”,
i was ready to bail.
it was so boring and i didn’t know wtf was happening.
by the ending of the first episode,
i was shooketh!!
the incest hook up made me fall off the bed <<<<
the dirty sex wolf in my head,
jason momoa,
is in it too.
naked and full sex scene too.

i had to stop during the 3rd episode tho.
i’ve spent the rest of the day trying to comfort my other home vixen.
her mother is dying and she needed my shoulder.
i’ll definitely be getting back into this show tho.
i can already tell you who ican’t stand and hope dies miserably.
i should be caught up by the final season in april.

lowkey: when i posted on twitter and ig stories i was watching,
the foxhole came through with so much love.
thank you to all who explained and helped me understand it better.

6 thoughts on “you can add another show to my “go away! i’m binging!” list

  1. I’m sooooo glad you’re into this show. I was the same as you on the first episode until that ending had me like wait…WHAT? And J, each season only gets better with the writing and cinematography. Please keep us posted on your thoughts throughout watching it. Trust me you’ll have a lot to font about. Just don’t look up ANYTHING about it on the internet. GoT is the number one show that people love to have spoilers about.

    S/N: You know How to get away with murder came back? I literally just found out the day of.

  2. OMG, I along w/ the rest of the FH are hella excited bruh!… I’m tellin’ u, u are not wasting your binge time, this is one of the best productions ever. I’m glad u stuck it out that 1st episode cause I was the same way when I first watched it and I too started binging after season 3 I think… one of the best decisions I eva made! U’re in for a treat!

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