i got blocked for paying a compliment *shrug*

so i’m not gonna spend too much time on this,
but i want to point out the irony.
so remember how i fonted a recent entry about baggy large?
i know you’re going “who”?
i fonted an entry about him and his brother.
i really respected him for doing ( x this ).
i ended up getting blocked for it today.
 a foxholer sent me this…

this was from his insta-story.
i guess he saw that part of the entry and assumed the worst.
i still stand on being glad i don’t watch that reality show.
i don’t watch reality shows in general.
this is why i didn’t know much about cardi b until her debut album.
i don’t think ya’ll watch the show he is on either so…

he proved my point in being an asshole too.

i love how folks scream on the bloggers,
yet we font to keep them in business.

i don’t think folks know what it takes to be a star nowadays.
which is why jackals say and do a lot of dumb shit,
but end up getting banished in the process.
being a celeb isn’t just fancy shit,
getting likes,
and acting better than everyone else.

You are here to serve the public.

i learned that from “the joe budden podcast” and it made a ton of sense.
the public pays these folks bills.
as a blogger,
i write about you and bring awareness to your brand.
the public literally says “yes or no” if we want your ass.
my readers will cancel anyone in a new yawk minute for the disrespect.
i’m glad i worked a lot of jobs that i had to deal with the public.
so i’m def not sad if one or two clowns block me.
they won the battle,
but i’ll eventually win the war.

lowkey: i hear baggy blocks anyone.
he’s the one trying to launch a rap career and make it in the public eye.
sounds like amateur behavior.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

26 thoughts on “i got blocked for paying a compliment *shrug*”

  1. *squints*

    im VERY confused. why block you? you feeling some type of way because you were featured on a gay blog or the post made you look like a caring man instead of some raggedy thug? i need answers 🗣️

    it’s coo jamari, they gonna realize you ain’t really ON until the gays put you on 💯

  2. Obviously he is the, “Im not with that gay shit” type.🙄 Leave these insecure, fragile, hetero hyper masculine, maybe it’s Maybelline, wanna be Neo African American troglodytes in 2018 where they belong.

    When will these struggling…I’m sorry, I meant, up & coming music artists learn to stop being so judgemental. They ready to block the LGBTQ..I say let em.

    Make sure they block other advertisment avenues like Apple and Instagram since they both support LGBTQ and gay marriage…🙄

    1. ^i fonted i didn’t the image of him ruined if he did come off like an asshole on reality tv.
      reality has a way of showing folks in a bad light.
      who knew he’d be so sensitive.

      1. Hell Nat Turnher bitch ass blocked me after I laugh bc someone on Twitter said he has a small dick. I did tried to defend him before. But after that. Im like hell. Compared to all them other dudes his dick is small. The only thing he has going for him is his thickness!

  3. Why not font about the hundreds of artists, photographers, filmmakers, writers, actors, humanitarians, techies, entrepreneurs, etc who WOULD appreciate mentions in your blog space??? There are so many out there aching for some exposure. Why keep writing about folks who don’t want you writing about them? This is the problem with most bloggers of today. You claim you don’t care about the “attentionistos” who are always thirsting for attention, meanwhile your blog is full of them. Why keep making people who don’t deserve it and who have no talent famous?? Why not give attention to the many struggling but positive, hard working talented folks out there. I could recommend so many of them…

    1. ^instead of attacking me about who i chose to post about,
      you could hit my contact info and send me an email with the recommendations.
      i’d definitely check them out.

      1. Constructive criticism is not an attack, bro. Gotta have thicker me skin and be more open-minded to growth. When you write about people and they feel attacked or insulted (like the guy in this article) then you write that they should be able to take it. Well, you gotta be able to do the same, sir.

        1. ^definitely not insulted.
          that’s light work compared to others.
          you came off more hostile,
          but i could have taken it the wrong way.
          i said what i said and i’ll wait for your email.
          if not,
          thank you for the comment 😉

          1. Jamari he was right and I think the truth hurted your feelings….lol u did the same exact thing to the dude who blocked you. I think u can be sensitive to constructive criticism. You don’t know if he blocked u because of your sexuality or not….stop rushing to that everytime someone dismisses u on social media. Your content in regards to him wasn’t that flattering whether u believe it or not.

  4. he’s clearly homophobic. he blocked me for simply liking a few of his pics. I can’t imagine him actually going anywhere by acting like this.

    1. ^i guess that’s why he is on onlyfans,
      allegedly showing old IG pics,
      and not a rapper at this moment 🤷🏾

      we don’t support insecure homophobes anyway.

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