let’s measure the smallest to biggest pipes in hollywood!

isn’t it lovely when actor wolves get nude/do sex scenes in movies?
i remember,
before porn and social media became a thing in my life,
how i would get off to most rated “r” sex scenes.
i’m not 10 anymore either.
so “mrman.com” did a rating of actor wolves with the biggest pipes.
these are the wolves is who made the list

magneto has a big pipe?

i think we can all cosign terrence howard being on the small side.
if you watched him in ( x get rich of die tryin )…
you’ll already know.
this must be a really “white washed” list tho.
even tho idris never went fully nude in a movie:

i’m shocked he didn’t make the cut from his iconic scene in “takers”.

lowkey: omar epps went nude in a film?
i need to research this…

x see more at mrman.com

x see all movie sex and nude scenes here

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “let’s measure the smallest to biggest pipes in hollywood!”

    1. ^omg id love to get some baller wolves on the docket.

      … and you peeped only two blacks?????
      one with the smallest pipe known to man and another we haven’t seen in forever.

  1. Yeah, I heard rumors about Affleck’s, Neeson’s, and Fassbender’s pipes being on the longer, heftier side. Although I have a “no snow wolf” policy, I’d be lying telling you Fassbender doesn’t at least make my tail twitch….

      1. Affleck was cute when he was my age (24) , but now he’s looking every bit of a “middle-aged dad.” LOL

        And Fassbender, well I’m not fooled by that “distinguished gentleman” persona he portrays in his interviews ’cause I know in the sheets he’s the furthest thing from it. Those are the kind I like too.

  2. Man…only TWO??…no Idris, Jamie, Omar, John Thomas, Don Cheadle, Morris, Tyrese (heard he bottoms, tho..don’t matter)Michael Williams, Will Smith…no scratch that…big azz tho! Lol

    1. Oh yeah Richard T. Jones and Derek Luke…don’t have the receipts on all these groceries, J …but the bags hold in den bad boys was heavy

  3. Omar Epps was naked in “First Time Felon”. Michael Fastbender was full frontal in some movie that he played a sex addict. Jason Regal needs to switch with Ben Affleck cause his pipe is mediocre at best. Truthfully alot these guys are not that big except Mike, Ben & Omar. The rest is laughable. Truthfully. Lawrence Fishbourne should be on this list. I am celebrity nude collector and got a nude from Skool Days and his more than blessed.

  4. Jamari do yourself a favour and watch Shame directed by Steve McQueen and starring Magneto who plays a sex addict. The movie is about sex addiction and Magneto is not only butt naked in a tonne of super realistic sex scenes but he shows dick several times.

    I dont care if you have to rent, buy or bootleg but you have to watch it.

  5. Omar belongs up there. So does John David Washington. Yes, sir. I would at least thought that Jon Hamm would have been included near the end. Especially the way the media hawks him and his big bulge.

    1. John David’s is the equivalent of a Reddi Whip can 😋

      Watch Love Beats Rhymes and peep him in his boxer briefs… amazing!

    2. yes!! Jon Hamm’s is also huge. I think their focus is on those whose dicks we have actually seen and not bulges, that’s why the likes of John David, Jon Hamm and Idris didnt make the list

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