let’s measure the smallest to biggest pipes in hollywood!

isn’t it lovely when actor wolves get nude/do sex scenes in movies?
i remember,
before porn and social media became a thing in my life,
how i would get off to most rated “r” sex scenes.
i’m not 10 anymore either.
so “mrman.com” did a rating of actor wolves with the biggest pipes.
these are the wolves is who made the list
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Fake It Until You Can Believe Your Smile

make sure its not crooked.
hold my hand.
i need this to be perfect.
we need people to believe this.
most importantly…
i need to believe this…

i use to believe the filter on pictures.
while it tends to make a picture look great,
the un-edited shot is usually the most truthful.
thats the one brings the most beauty
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“Eye Candy” Is The New Black

Bk9nXWKCAAE5_1a.jpg-largei will try to keep “ratchet jamari” contained.
i can’t make any promises.
so foxhole and vixens i’ve been sitting,
or laying,
while binge watching my new fav show,
“orange is the new black”.
i’m onto the second season and i’m completely hooked.
i’m like a crackhead.
thinking about it damn near all the time.
wanting to watch it at work.
a mess i am!
anyway as i’m watching,
while mindin’ my own business,
ive noticed a couple pieces of eye candy in some episodes.
all speaking roles and all kinda good looking
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F-BI: The Houston Allstar Party Foxhole Conglomerate Edition

nba allstar weekend is next week.
houston is where the party is at.
allstar time when if you are skilled enough,
you can get a baller wolf of all kinds to do whatever.
i like to work in one on one environments personally.
they can’t tell classy from who will suck dick on a hand stand at big events.
it still doesn’t mean you can’t go and have some fun!
bring back some “who fucked who?” and other ratchet inside scoop.
sexy vixens will be magnets that weekend.

i got an email from an insider f-bi who wanted to hip the other f-bi to all the events happening….

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So The Award For “Best Prop Used By A Duo In A Dramatic Series” Goes To…

Here we are, the two of us together
Taking this crazy chance to be all alone
We both know that we should not be together
‘Cause if they found out, it could mess up
Both our happy homes..

every good actor needs a prop.
a good prop can be used to distract the audience and further the plot of the story.
a prop can be used to decorate the set the way the director sees it.
ya know, it is his vision.
Some directors need you to believe that the prop is being touched at all times.
everything needs to be picture perfect.
if not, it will cause a ton of damage.
exclusive: scene 2.

this is why….

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