“Eye Candy” Is The New Black

Bk9nXWKCAAE5_1a.jpg-largei will try to keep “ratchet jamari” contained.
i can’t make any promises.
so foxhole and vixens i’ve been sitting,
or laying,
while binge watching my new fav show,
“orange is the new black”.
i’m onto the second season and i’m completely hooked.
i’m like a crackhead.
thinking about it damn near all the time.
wanting to watch it at work.
a mess i am!
anyway as i’m watching,
while mindin’ my own business,
ive noticed a couple pieces of eye candy in some episodes.
all speaking roles and all kinda good looking

everyone meet rj:

Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 9.56.57 PM

… played by eric d hill.
he played tastyee’s brother.
eric is straight,
in a relationship,
and has been a couple shows so far.
nurse jackie and law and order to name a few.
he is getting his act on something serious in main stream media.
a starring role to come?
well lets hope.


now lets turn to “fine ebt card owner doing illegal shit”:

Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 10.02.48 PM

…played by deron campbell.

giphybesides playing in “orange is the new black”,
deron has been in various other productions within his career.
it seems that oitnb is the stand out in his resume.
well here is hoping for much more to come!
oh and deron is straight with a very lovely girlfriend.


finally lets get to “groped by black cindy at the airport”:

Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 10.08.19 PM

Idris-Elba-2…played by jerry ford.
jerry actually has quite an impressive resume.
he has been in person’s of interest and all my children.
he is also going to be on a couple shows coming up,
including an mtv show called “broke as a joke”.
jerry is also a writer,
personal trainer,
and a martial artist.
jerry is straight and there is no vixen in sight.


whoever casts for this show >>>>
eric and deron are from new yawk.
jerry is from detriot residing in new yawk.
now they are on your radar.
once i post about someone,
they’re about to become a big deal.
the foxhole >>>>
i can contain “ratchet jamari”.
…and you said i couldn’t be classy.
Serena-3-serena-van-der-woodsen-30937757-490-245well fellas stay focused on your careers,
stay out the ratchets (in more ways than one),
and say no to trash scipts.
other than that: good luck on your endeavors.

 eric d hill | imdb page

deron campbell | imdb page | youtube channel

jerry ford | his website | youtube channel

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

19 thoughts on ““Eye Candy” Is The New Black”

  1. I’ll take number 3, Jerry Ford. I’d love to be that security lady frisking him. I’d be copping some feels too.

  2. When I was watching I saw Eric and Jerry. Don’t recall seeing Deron. After the episode where RJ died, I googled him and found his twitter.

  3. Ever notice theres just summin about a man with facial hair…Theyre all more attractive with facial hair than without

  4. Yes Jamariiiiii I was eating popeyes when jerry fords ass was on screen DROPPED my drumstick. yes i did. Remember I told you about that rude ass dominican rentacop at my college campus that speaks to me any ol way. he looks like JERRY. Now you see why i love the abuse.
    Pray for me…..

  5. What about the the one with teardrop that comes to the prison with his baby to see Ruiz(the one that was pregnant last season)?

    1. Oh I know who you’re talking bout. He hardly talked during his scenes. Ian Paola is his name. @ianpaola is his Instagram.

  6. Damn, they are all straight. I hate to find out men are straight, truly straight, not the pretenders. All of them look good, but I’d roll with Deron if he was single. I checked him out, and he seems cool. Plus, I can’t turn down a piece of chocolate, never. My guilty pleasure.

    I am really enjoying this series man. I am only three episodes into the second season. Yea, I am behind, I don’t binge lol.

  7. I am glad to say that I went to high school with Deron, and he is not only handsome, but one of the sweetest guys I know. I’m glad he’s doing his thing and keeping his love for acting alive.

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