Well You’re Just Mean! (Mean, I Tell Ya!)

121210092244-nba-logo-wordmark-275-wide.story-topso i know some of us get into sports something heavy.
we curse at our screens when a baller wolf does something stupid.
see: miami heat losing championship.
if you were like me,
i was kinda glad they lost.
well i know some of ya’ll take it to twitter.
uh uh.
thats right.
you realllllllllllllll slick with the thumb come 140 character time.
well jimmy kimmel decided to show some mean tweets to some nba baller wolves recently.

3783720-lol-1some of them was maddddddddddddd.
uh oh.
i giggled at some of the struggle reading tho.
one or two of them was cute which is rare.
usually nba baller wolves don’t really have “cute” on them.
i wonder if baller wolves actually read their mentions?
shit i wonder if any have taken the time to read the comments when i post on them?
ya’ll be mean.
uh huh i said it.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “Well You’re Just Mean! (Mean, I Tell Ya!)”

  1. DeMarcus Cousins was wayyy too cute. Never heard of or seen him before but ill be keepin an eye out from now on.

  2. Yea bro, I love these lol. The ones about Chris Paul, DeMarcus, Dikembe and Stephen were funny af.

    Paul George and his fine ass. Can’t stay mad at him for nothin.

  3. No matter how good or positive your life, there will always be some critic or hater. Just think, they attacked and killed Martin Luther King, Jr. Jesus was crucified. Etc.

  4. Is he that one with the ashy dick? Anyways, Lebron needs to read them tweets. All of the Heat does. Stop taking the competition out of the sport. Everybody wants to clique up with each other, leaving the other 20 something teams in the red.

    1. I agree. The shit was unfair, and they are talking about adding Carmelo. They are still trying to get individual talent. I can’t. The Heat are in a poor Eastern Conference with an inconsistent Pacers team, and a Bulls team without Rose who they desperately need, and improving Wizards team, but that’s it. Oh, but if they were in the West….they wouldn’t stand a chance.

  5. Oh shit you’re right nba ballers, there hardly any cute ones. I hope they make it up in the bedroom because like Marc Anthony’s father said “You’re ugly – work on your personality.” but some of these nba playas don’t seem to have too much of a personality so i hope they work on their bedroom skills.

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