Music Celebs Read Mean Tweets (On Jimmy Kimmel Doe)

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 7.31.35 PMi love when jimmy kimmel does his “mean tweets” segment.
this made me smile…
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Well You’re Just Mean! (Mean, I Tell Ya!)

121210092244-nba-logo-wordmark-275-wide.story-topso i know some of us get into sports something heavy.
we curse at our screens when a baller wolf does something stupid.
see: miami heat losing championship.
if you were like me,
i was kinda glad they lost.
well i know some of ya’ll take it to twitter.
uh uh.
thats right.
you realllllllllllllll slick with the thumb come 140 character time.
well jimmy kimmel decided to show some mean tweets to some nba baller wolves recently.
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If You Were A Celeb, You Would Read Your Mean Tweets?

11954322131712176739question_mark_naught101_02.svg.medimagine scrolling through your timeline,
as a celeb and seeing:


…sounds like something out of keri hilson’s mentions.
you want to @ reply:

“who the FUCK do think you talking too?”
“ya mama is muthafuckin’ bitch”
“where you @? let me come see you real quick.”
“FUCK YOU. exclamation point”

… but you know the media is watching.
it’s better to ignore anyway.
once you reply,
they won.
jimmy kimmel has a segment where celebs read their mean tweets.

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