If You Were A Celeb, You Would Read Your Mean Tweets?

11954322131712176739question_mark_naught101_02.svg.medimagine scrolling through your timeline,
as a celeb and seeing:


…sounds like something out of keri hilson’s mentions.
you want to @ reply:

“who the FUCK do think you talking too?”
“ya mama is muthafuckin’ bitch”
“where you @? let me come see you real quick.”
“FUCK YOU. exclamation point”

… but you know the media is watching.
it’s better to ignore anyway.
once you reply,
they won.
jimmy kimmel has a segment where celebs read their mean tweets.

1130-1some of them looked genuinely insulted.
i applaud the kkk.
kim kardashian,
keyshia cole,
keri hilson
you gotta have thick skin to be that group.

lowkey: online makes people internet thugs.
i bet they wouldn’t say none of that shit to their face.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “If You Were A Celeb, You Would Read Your Mean Tweets?”

  1. It would be hard for me not to say something because I’m a smartass and my first reaction would be to curse them out. lol. However, at the same I know I can’t respond to every single person who would have something negative to say about me. I wouldn’t have the time. I’ll just be laughing to the bank.
    It’s like with Keyshia Cole and Rihanna…why do they keep on responding to irrelevant people and their useless opinions….

    1. ^people just don’t like to be disrespected.
      coming from ny,
      we are forced to respond to bullshit.
      that’s just the ny way.
      there is something more powerful in ignoring though.

      why is it celebs only notice their negative tweets?
      goes to show how vain they are.

      1. ^ most people notice someone saying negative things about them before they do the positive. It’s sad but true…

        1. ^thats sad.

          i ignore the fuck out negative people.
          i only respond to people who aren’t bitter,
          not disrespectful,
          and have something thoughtful to say.
          thats how i operate on this site.
          i understand celebs get tweets upon tweets of praise,
          but they only respond personally to negative shit?

  2. Yea most people wouldn’t say that shit in person. Rih went off on a girl that talked about her fam.

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