jeff loagz out here doing sex scenes ‘n’ shit? (um hi, i’m sitting front row)

some time ago,
it must have been last year-ish,
i said jeff logan aka jeff loagz should be in the movies.
he should play a henchman or something.
the tatts and the jawline would make him the perfect on-screen villain.
i felt like he had the look and attitude to play that really well.
so i was minding my business,
which means not really,
and came across this via “az nude“…

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let’s measure the smallest to biggest pipes in hollywood!

isn’t it lovely when actor wolves get nude/do sex scenes in movies?
i remember,
before porn and social media became a thing in my life,
how i would get off to most rated “r” sex scenes.
i’m not 10 anymore either.
so “” did a rating of actor wolves with the biggest pipes.
these are the wolves is who made the list
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About Him (and His Sex Scenes)

screenshot-2016-03-14-20-32-51-png_1-1-1024x599so i started watching “about him” a couple months ago.
the foxhole recommended it in a past discussion area.
i watched like 2 or 3 episodes.
i don’t know why i didn’t finish,
but i did like it.
well i stumbled across the sex scenes in the season finale and well…


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Youtube is For Sex Scenes, Too

Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 5.00.45 PMremember this mid section?
well it came from dave p from ( x this entry ).
remember ( x this scene ) that drove me wild?
well it’s from a web series called “traingle”.
someone uploaded all the sex scenes from the show and well…

and “only for the curious straights”)

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