About Him (and His Sex Scenes)

screenshot-2016-03-14-20-32-51-png_1-1-1024x599so i started watching “about him” a couple months ago.
the foxhole recommended it in a past discussion area.
i watched like 2 or 3 episodes.
i don’t know why i didn’t finish,
but i did like it.
well i stumbled across the sex scenes in the season finale and well…




even my werewolf side gasped.
that 3some>>>>>
that was hot.
it had me wondering if it was real.
i’ll be catching back up on this show shortly.
those who want to start:


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on “About Him (and His Sex Scenes)”

  1. I was thinking that they did everything but sex , so much for that thought! I didn’y see a modesty pouch in sight!

  2. I think there was actual penetration in the sex party scene. I was waiting for you to talk About Him! It’s the hottest webseries to ever come out and I feel that it talks to a lot of black gay men who were strugging. On the come up. Can’t wait for Climax and About Justin to come up!

  3. Those scenes were hot af. I’ve always wondered what I would be like at a sex party but I’m too awkward and my body is nowhere where it needs to be to attend one.

  4. The season finale was excrutiatingly long! It easily could have been edited down to an hour. Overall I would recommend the series tho.

  5. Bruh! I was passing on the gay themed entertainment. *This* just had me like crying and shit, and I realize that I am a repressed “homo”. I’m annoyed as hell at you, but thanks for doing you. I got self-work to do. I got some eye candy, tho! LOLOL….

  6. One of my best urban web series i’ve seen with characters that can actually act and not sound like they reading a script ! I hope they go main stream and damn i wish i went on the city tour.

  7. the only thing i dont like about gay novels and shows is that the main thing is sex, sex ex!?!! i miss shows and plots that have GREAT STORYLINES and things that capture your attention…after awhile they all begin to look like pornos…i followed the storyline when it debuted on bgc awhile back before it became a show, but at first i wast watching then i was like it’s all about sex, no depth

  8. I thought it was a little over the top but to be fair the black gay community is pretty sexually charged. I think this series is pretty good but also a bit sketchy in certain parts.

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