Sex With Me (In The Movie Theater) Is Ah-Mah-Zing

tumblr_n1gof6sucg1r2idzvo1_1280now i’m no saint.
jamari fox ain’t claiming to be no saint in these here woods.
i saw this video a foxholer sent me and i had two reactions.

“omg i can’t…”


“i’d try it with my wolf”

what was the video,
you asking?
it’s titled: “sex inside a movie theater”.
the verdict is out if it’s “a vixen on wolf”,
or “a fox on wolf”,
but check it out.


now go…


whoever that was,
they was certainly ridin’ the hell out his soul.
i bet it was extra exciting in a public place too.
now i personally never tried movie theater sex,
but i’m not saying i’m against it.
sometimes you get in the moment and shit happens.

wl5ixrtumblr_npht1aqvi41trt092o1_540next thing you know,
you’re on the movie theater floor with popcorn stuck to your back.
i’ve been in the theater and a couple’s were doing freaky shit in the back row.
i was actually in a semi empty theater with a couple fuckin’ rows over from me.
now others may not approve.
they may think it’s doing too much.
it certainly could be looked that way.
so i had to ask the foxhole…

Was the couple in that video doing too much?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

17 thoughts on “Sex With Me (In The Movie Theater) Is Ah-Mah-Zing”

  1. It’s funny af that you just posted this because I JUST saw it on Tumblr. Personally, I think it’s nasty and inconsiderate of others. Kids, grandparents, mommies, and daddies go to the movies. To think that you or the above mentioned might be sitting in someone’s sex juice makes me want to vomit. Those seats are usually made of cloth and probably never cleaned 😷

  2. Im not gonna say they were doing too much, but they were doing more than I would do. I’ve given and received head while in a theater. I’ve also been in a theater with a guy and all of a sudden we start jacking each other’s dicks. That shit was fun, but I don’t think I have the courage for all out fuckin! 😱😱

    1. ^i often how two males would fuck in public?
      we don’t have the luxury to wear skirts.
      unless it’s summer and we go in there in basketball shorts.
      the fox would have to literally be naked from the waist down…

      now i’m in deep thought LOL

  3. What…in…the…hell? Y’all get on my nerves. I would have hollered out loud if I seen this going on at the movies.

  4. I’ve done some…things in the theater. Nothing like this though lol. I can’t say I’m all the way opposed to it. As long as the theater is mostly empty and its not a children’s movie.

  5. I must be getting old. It’s not worth a public indecency charge on your record.

    They do put cameras in movie theatres by the way.

    1. What movie theater is this. I was a manager of a movie theater for almost 8 yrs and never have there been cameras in the actual theater, plus that would be against piracy policies. Now I have caught people in the family room bathroom..

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