a new ride gallops into town for review

i was just talking to a Foxholer that we need new meats.
we need a new sexy wolf on the scene with some danger dack.
one who will pipe you down first and ask you how you’re doing after.

…or maybe,
that is what I want?

no sooner than we had that conversation,
i was sent this

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if you go, you might be able to ride his toned thighs too

not only can males rub lamonte down,
he’s letting you ride those toned thighs at the “exotic paintings”.
a foxholer sent me this to share with everyone and…
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Fuck The Police (Literally)

*the following entry is xxx material.
viewer discretion is strongly advised

^he isn’t in this story,
it is no doubt that some of hunters aka police don’t follow the rules.

i mean look at our news.
some of them can be drug addicts,
humongous racists,
low key abusers,
and “fuck me to get outta jail” with prostitutes.
this is all in my head.
the following is a “caught on tape” situation.
it’s a vixen allegedly saying “fuck the police”
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Anyone Want A Ride From Quinton Hillocks?


imagine if your uber driver looked like ^that?
what if he was a:

ex boxer
personal trainer
(ex) porn star?

that would be quinton hillocks on his day job.
he found himself in this “no hart/enchilada” scandal.
they made their first appearance and quinton joined them…
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They Didn’t Think Riding This Would Kill Them

the movie,
“final destination”,
scared me growing up.
i remember i watched the first one about the airplane and was shook.
i had to fly a couple days later and was terrified.
well the following is a real life scene like out of the movie.
a ride at the ohio state fair,
called “the fire ball”,
malfunctioned and sent the riders flying to doom.
i saw this graphic video and it re-affirmed…
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Sex With Me (In The Movie Theater) Is Ah-Mah-Zing

tumblr_n1gof6sucg1r2idzvo1_1280now i’m no saint.
jamari fox ain’t claiming to be no saint in these here woods.
i saw this video a foxholer sent me and i had two reactions.

“omg i can’t…”


“i’d try it with my wolf”

what was the video,
you asking?
it’s titled: “sex inside a movie theater”.
the verdict is out if it’s “a vixen on wolf”,
or “a fox on wolf”,
but check it out.


now go…
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